Spitting Up Alot At Every Feeding

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pattford - February 9

Have any of you had this problem? He has projectile vomitted 3 times after having formula. He seems to also spit up ALOT when br___tfed too. He doesn't seem sick though. I've taken his temperature many times. I don't know......


Tammy276 - February 9

It could me that he needs to be burped more often.....He could be getting a lot of air trapped which is causing the projectile. My son did that a few times as well when we first had him.......Also, if he is doing it with formula, try switching formulas....he could have something called GERD , which is like acid reflux in babies, and may need some medicaiton for it. Our son got medication and did a lot better after that.


Perl - February 11

My 3 month old ds used to do what you described but he also showed signs of discomfort such as crying before vomiting and fussing at the b___st towards the end of a feeding. His breath also smelled sour and his voice was hoarse. Turned out to be acid reflux and he is now taking Zantac and doing much better except for an episode here and there. The symptoms can be different for different babies but you may want to ask the pediatrician about this and rule out GERD.


Tammy276 - February 12

yeah, that is what my son used also was the baby zantac and it seemed to work really well with him.


kellens mom - February 12

Dd seemed to go through cycles of this. For a while, every room, pocket or purse had spit rags. Then things got better...only to get worse again. I did discover that some of the things I was eatting did not agree with dd also. Too many oreo cookies, too much pop, too much of any thing spicy, onions, etc. Try watching your diet...don't eliminate...just observe. Maybe you will find something that your lo does not tolerate. In the meantime, keep those spit rags handy!



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