Squeezing Breastmilk Into A Bottle By Hand

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Mel - October 23

I don't have a br___t pump, and I was just curious if I could squeeze my nipples and make the milk come out into a bottle myself and put it in the fridge so that my husband can feed her if I'm gone...and if that is possible, how should he feed it to her? Should he warm it up or leave it cold? I know this sounds like a really dumb question but I'm really wondering if I can do this. has anyone ever done this before? Thanks


Flying milk - October 23

Yes yes ,and yes,it is possible. I expressed milk all the time when I was at home with my boys. I used a bowl to squeeze the milk into,due to lots of holes in my nipples the milk would go fling all over the place,that is why I used a bowl. Sometimes I had my hair wet in places,my pants wet and the floor in some places from doing so,It was alot cheaper then a b___stpump,and my baby is 5 nowand loves milk to this day,he never had a shortage of b___stmilk either. Hope you hve a good sense of humor cause this is what may happen to you? If I ever had another one I would still use the flying milk process. When I think of it to this day I still LMAO.


Beccah - October 23

There is a special way to do it, you have to do it just right or you won't get anything out. Ask your lactation person about it. I got a packet and it had instructions about how to express by hand, but I can never quite got it so I just use my pump. Good luck. Oh BTW, b___stmilk should be at least room temp before feeding.


April - October 24

I hand express several times a day and for me it works better than my pump. Make sure you have clean hands and a clean container to collect it in. Breastmilk can stay at room temperature for 8 hours before it has to be refrigerated. I refrigerate it asap though. You can serve it cold, but baby will probably prefer the milk warm. Just put a bottle into a warm bowl of water and let it soak for a bit. Also the fat separates so just shake it before serving. Hope this helps Mel.


krystal - October 24

i have also done this plenty of times. it works for me and there are plenty of places to look it up to find the description of how to do it. also baby will probably prefer the milk warmed because that's what they are used to when you feed from the b___st and it also helps prevent tummy upset in some babies. just make sure it's not too warm. check it on your wrist just to make sure.


Heidi - October 25

If you're looking for an inexpensive pump, go to the dollar tree if you have one in your area. In the baby isle they sell Sa__sy hand pumps for a buck. We laughed and bought one and it works awesome! It's like a syringe style and the milk just pours out when I use it.


Jamie - October 27

You can also threaten to squirt your husband with b___stmilk if he gets out of line...lmao...I can squirt b.m. up to 6 feet away!



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