Start Solids At 6 Months

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J - February 21

I went to my daughter's 4 month Dr's appointment and she told me to start solids (cereal). I told her we were not planning on starting her on some type of solid until 6 months. The doctor said that the CPS says to start around 4 months because of iron requirements (even though I saw that the CPS and the WHO says to start at 6). The Dr. then said I could wait until 5 months if I wanted to but not any longer. My iron was always good during pregnancy and everything I've read says she will be fine waiting until 6 months. Do you think I should go against the doctor's advice and if so, should I even tell her? I never corrected her information but I wonder how informed she is of current research in br___tfeeding.


April - February 21

I am glad that you have done the research. If only the doctors would as well ;-) My son is 7 months old he doesn't show much interest in foods. Last week I tried him on some homemade pureed oatmeal because although infant ceral contains tons of iron it isn't absorbed by baby well. He spit it out and gagged like crazy. It was gross to watch. I take that as a sign he is not ready. Two days ago I made applesauce and froze it in an icecube tray to give him while I eat. He liked it the first night but wouldn't eat it tonight. But it is okay because b___stmilk provides all baby needs for the first year of life. Some babies need additional iron and if you are concered you can have your daughters tested. If she's gaining weight fine and meeting milestones like sitting, rolling etc. then she is doing fine. When asked at my last appointment about solids I just said "Yes were trying some things. You know just getting started." That was enough for the doctor because she was impressed that he was such a "big boy" has a great website for information on starting solids. I actually just got a information booklet on infant feeding and in it it said that babies 6-9 months old should be eating between 1 1/4 to 2 1/2 cups of food a day! I was shocked! Take out a measuring cup and see how much that is. Especially when my son is doing so well just on my b___stmilk. In the end you should do what you think is best. good luck J


katie - February 22

i agree with april. and i wouldn't start your baby on solids until you are both ready - iron isn't a problem if you are exclusively b___stfeeding. we weren't up front with our ped either because dd didn't eat solids till 10 months - she just didn't want to, and we didn't rush her. but we "lied" and said we were working on introducing solids to her just so the ped would leave us alone. :)


J - February 22

Thanks. By the next appointment (6 and 1/2 months) we will have at least offered her solids so I won't exactly lie...


SaraL - February 22

Don't forget - we're all supposed to be still taking our prenatal vitamins. I was told what breaks down in those things will go into the b___stmilk and help boost the babies vitamin needs. Also, do your best to eat a balance diet. Instead of asking yourself if your baby has had their solids - think about the solids you ate today that you pa__s on to baby. Did you have enough protein, whole grains, fruit, veggies?



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