Still Breastfeeding Period Is A Week Late Am I Pregnant

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Amanda Clarke - September 2

My daughter is 7 months old and is br___tfeeding and is also eating solid foods. My period is a week late now. I had a pregnancy test the day before my period was due, as I need to take hormones to sustain a pregancy(i miscarried 3 times before my daughter). The test said negative, but I am extremly tired, emotional, hungry etc. Is it possible that my period is just not going to come this month if I am not pregnant?


lisa - September 2

i dont know


b.j. - September 2

hello, I'm new here but have lurked for a while and i came across this question and i feel the same things so i just have to reply! I too had 3 miscarriages and had to take projesterone to have my son and now he is 14 months old and i have started the same symptoms as i have when pregnant. i have not tested lately but i have felt crampy etc. since june and i did test in july and it was a big fat neg. my periods have not returned since i had him july 2nd, 2003 so i just thought it might be from it trying to return. this is my 3rd child and i b___stfed my other 2 for 18 months so you would think i would know whats going on with my body by now but i havnt a clue. every time is different! my dr. said it was probobly hormones~she wasn't much help! she really didnt know either. there has been many many times i worried and i had all symptoms and thought for sure i was pt. but always got a neg. then i started sad because i wasnt (love these hormones!) i too have wondered what if i get pregnant and don't know it and loose it because i need proj. again. so you know what i did? i bought a lot of 100 pregnancy tests off of e-bay for $16.00 ! that way i can stop spending my life savings on neg. tests! i cant wait to get them in the mail!


Aubrey - March 10

I am going through the same exact thing. My son is 7 months and b___stfeeds and he eats solids. I started my period for the first time since b4 i found out I was pregnant when he was 5 months. Jan and feb came on time, now march, i am 5 days late. I took a test it said negative. My period is always on time. Now its not. :( Worried. I am 21 and am not ready for another we'll see. But I would recommend to you to go to the library and read up on it, thats what I'm going to do. Well, take care and let me know what happens.


michelle - March 10

It is not unusual for your period to be irregular or your cycle anovulatory when you are b___stfeeding. It is also not unusual for your body to not produce the hormones necessary to sustain a pregnancy. I would retest in a few days.


missy - April 15

i just took a preg test and i need projesterone to get thru a pregnancy is there any place i can get them with out going to the doc ?? i dont have insurance help me plz


Norma - July 11

I am 8 days late. I started ovulating last month. I am still b___stfeeding my 9 month old. Could I be pregnant? Is it normal to ovulate one month then not next month? I don't want to put my hopes up by going to Walmart and buying a prego test and then getting all bummed out if it is negative.


Tanya - July 13

I think you may need to take another test because your level of hormones may be low from the beginning, therefore, you would have to wait longer for the pregnancy hormones to be detected. I have the same problem every time I get pregnant. I know the weird feeling I experience when I'm expecting. I've had abnormal periods for the past 2 months. In May I came on for 2 days then I came on 2 weeks later and it was a normal cycle (4 days or so). In June I just knew I was going to miss and low and behold I came on and I was hurt because my husband and I would like 1 more child and he is getting up in age. I was still sick everyday and throwing up that yellow color liquid you get when your prenant (some people). I took a test any way because the missed period wasn't happening so I tried anyway. There is a blue line but it's so light I don't know if it's my mind wanting to be or if it's really there. My condensed answer is yes you could be pregant and should try another test about 7 days later.


joyousmomma - March 28

AUBREY---were you pregnant after all? I have the exact situation as you...nursing a 7 month old, etc. but i haven't tested yet. Let me know the update if you can! Thanks, girl!


joyousmomma - March 28

sorry if this comes up twice--making sure i did it right. AUBREY--were you pregnant after all? I have the exact situation as you but haven't tested yet...Let me know if you can! Thanks so much!



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