Still Up All Night How To Break The Cycle

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tryingx3 - February 21

My dd is 5mo old now and still wakes every 1 - 2 hours during the night. She still seems to eat better during the night than during the day. My problem is compounded in that I work full-time and before the night is out, I am putting her in bed with me, just so I have a chance at functioning the next day. She doesn't take a pacifier. I also think she is beginning to truly start teething (sucking her bottom lip in).


guccigal87 - February 21

welll my guy is a lot younger then yours but i had the same problem.. and i actually called a nurse about it and she says that if you feed her every 1-2 hours during the day.. even if you have to wake her up to do it she will switch her days and nights.. right now because you are still feeding her like that at night she doesnt know she should be sleeping.. also dont change them at like 2 in the morning.. leave it as long as possible.. till like 4 or 5.. unless its REALLY bad and feed her more milk RIGHT before bed.. she wont be hungry soo fast and if she does wake up try and feed her more the next feeding as well.. as for the bed thing you shouldnt do that.. i know it helps you sleep but she will NEVER get outta your bed and you will never have a s_x life again!! haha hope that helps a little


tryingx3 - February 21

I NEVER thought I would put her in bed with me...going back to work has been really hard, then she got sick, etc, etc, etc... Thanks for the input...she would feed every 2 hours around the clock if I were home! I call her a snacker!


Miriam - February 22

I have to disagree. while i don't think that mothers HAVE to cosleep, its perfectly normal. And for a nursing mom its a life saver. My life got soooooo much easier once I started co sleeping with my son. We don't do it for the whole night. Just when he wakes up somewhere around 2 or so. I personally don't have s_x at 2 in the morning so its not a problem at all. Our society makes women feel guilty for taking babies into bed with them when for mamals its very normal. You just have to make sure that your are doing it in a safe blankets, put baby at b___st level, not on a very soft mattres, and not if you are a smoker. Good luck.


tryingx3 - February 22

Miriam - Thanks for the laugh - that is what I do also. She starts in her ba__sinet then moves to our bed after the 3rd trip (anywhere from 12-2). I'm not having s_x at 2 or any other time at the moment! ha ha This morning I moved her back to her ba__sinet around 5:00 and she woke up at 6:00 talking to and holding her pacifier (that she won't suck on) and having a big time...all by herself! :-)


guccigal87 - February 23

ohhhh i love it when they jsut sit in bed and talk to themselfs!! my little guy is finally getting to the point where i can put him down awake if im too tired and he will fallasleep.. either that or i stick him in his swing.. HE LOVES Taht thing sooo much!! well if you arent sleeping with her all night thats not bad i thought you were


SuzieQ - February 24

tryingx3 - I think you should keep doing what you are doing. I did that with my dd at 3 1/2 mos old - first in her cradle by the bed, switch to our bed around 2am, then back in her cradle later. I eventually started putting her back in her cradle more and more, until she wasn't sleeping in our bed at all - just feeding. At that point, I switched her to her crib in her nursery, and she is doing fairly well with it (now almost 5 months old). She still wakes up 1-2 times on a good night, but it's getting easier :) Also, and it's hard, but try letting her go back to sleep if she wakes up without feeding her. I would personally only let my dd cry for a minute (if that) instead of instantly getting her up to feed. Good luck :)


tryingx3 - February 24

Thanks guys! I have trouble with letting her cry because I don't want my husband disturbed. I know some would laugh at that...but I would prefer only ONE of us to be sleep-deprived. He works VERY HARD and LONG HOURS. I moved upstairs to her room for a while and slept up there but the bed up there was killing my back and I just couldn't handle one more thing doing that! :-) Tonight I was able to put her down and she just talked and talked UNTIL she got really sleepy then she cried to be rocked to sleep. I am hoping that is a step toward her being comfy by herself (if only she could have comforted herself to sleep).


spamanda - February 26

oh trying I am SO sorry you are still going through this! My only advice is to pick a weekend and just stick her in her crib and let her cry. We finally did it for a bunch of days.... it got exhausting... and then it got a LOT better. Now we wake up once or twice to eat, and he almost always falls right back to sleep. I don't mind getting up a couple times during the night, as long as I don't have to stay awake for hours and listen to him cry. We've gotten to the point where ds puts himself to sleep when he's playing.... it's awesome, lol. I did sleep on the couch with him for about a month, so I totally understand what you're going through. And we are teething, too, I never saw so much drool in my life! Good luck, hope it gets better soon. -- spam


tryingx3 - February 26

Thanks, spamanda. She seems to be going backwards on her bottle know she has never liked them. She has taken about 5 oz today from my MIL - who can usually get her to eat. She had about 6 oz at daycare on Friday. I am guessing it is preference as well as possibly teething. She also started rolling over pretty consistently yesterday - don't know if that milestone has anything to do with her eating or not!


tryingx3 - February 26

I have 3 different kinds of sippy cups to try out...going to start working on that...might be the key to getting milk into her during the DAYTIME.



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