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please help - February 27

I have been trying to dry up for the last couple of weeks. I have only been pumping to relieve some of the pressure. I know there is a medication that can help you stop producing milk, does anyone know the name of it? I would like to do some research on it before I see my dr. Thanks


kashi - March 5

drink lots of peppermint tea. that'll help. no chemicals needed!


Paula - March 12

your prob is that you are pumping to releive some milk, you cant do that or it will keep producing. It took me 2 weeks to dry up completely and it hurt like hell. But thats the way youv gotta do it


Francoise - March 12

I am in the same situation right now!. I am trying the "Sage " herbal tea and some tylenol!. I can't help pumping a little to releive the pressure but I think that we need to do that really less and less everyday. I have heard of a shot but I am not sure that they will give it again! Good Luck


melanie - March 29

I b___stfed my baby until she was 9 months old. She was nursing 6 times a day. I gradually switched one feeding at a time to formula leaving the first and last feedings of the day to be switched. It took me approx. 3 weeks to wean her(and myself) from the b___st but I found it much easier on my b___sts to do this gradually. Once I got her down to one nursing session a day (first thing in the a.m.) I started wearing a VERY TIGHT sports bra instead of my nursing bra to hold my b___sts in. I wore this day and night for a week or so except when I showered or to wash it. This was the best thing I have ever used. I stopped feeling pain, no bumps and most importantly I stopped filling up with milk. It may take a little longer for some women but take my word and BIND YOURSELF IN, you will thank me.


Samantha - April 22

Hi, i'm in the same situation as u but all my frens advice to cover our b___st with cold cabbage to ease the swelling pain and it kinda helps but i'm still looking for the medication to stop it instantly... heard from my relatives that side effect of the medication is that for the next child u give birth to, u can't b___st feed them...


michelle - April 22

I finally looked this up. Medication to dry up b___stmilk is no longer used because it didn't always work and there were serious side effects such as stroke and cancer. One suggestion is to drink tea made from sage.


Kendra - April 26

The 'regular' bc pill (w/ estrogen) will dry you up within a week or so. It worked wonders when I weaned my daughter. I've requested a prescription from my OB/GYN now that I'm ready to wean my son. (I take the 'mini' pill while nursing.)


wenwen - May 7

I think it's called motrin.


cia - May 28

ihave been b___stfeeding for only a week and found that my sons doctor suggested to start him on formula because b___stfeeding wasnt going well and he was low birth weight. My b___st a so d__n painful and it hurts to lay down. If anyone knows how to get over this engorgment period without all this pain please tell me. I am so tempted to pump and get this milk out so I can hold my baby and sleep at night!


C - May 31

I had problems with b___st feeding at first. My son went from almost 9 pounds down to 8 pounds 5 days after he was born. I continued to b___st feed and pumped. I had to go to the doctor's every other day to check his weight and eventually everything turned out fine. I still supplement with pumping and sometimes I use formula because my son seems to constantly want to eat. If I just nursed, I'd never be able to leave the house. Anyway, my point is that you can still b___st feed and use formula. That way you can slowly wean your child down to 1-2 feedings a day and you won't have as much pain. At least from what I hear.


TIFFANY - May 31



davida - June 6

i have a 7 month old that will not take a bottle at all and i need to have surgery and will be in hospital 3 days and can not nurse him any sugests


Monica - June 8

I heard its ok to pump or express just a little bit so your body sends signals to stop sending milk. Whats not ok is emptying the b___st or expressing enough that your b___st fells it needs to produce more. It only takes a few drops, squirts or so to send the message to your b___st. Any way thats just what I've read online trying to reaserch the best ways to do it myself. I had to stop my son cold turkey because weining him slowly just wasnt working for him and now I'm in sooo much pain! Its only my Right b___st that wont stop producing for me and now I'm afraid I might get mast_tis or an absess because I tried to let things stop on thier own. Does anyone know how to prevent an absess or mast_tis? Or if anything they did while wiening caused them to get either of them? Maybe I'm being paraniod but better safe then sorry. So far ice packs are working to relive some pressure but stopping the milk from producing seems to be worlds away right now :(


Patty - July 30

I nursed my dausgter for just over a year, and now I am trying to dry up. Does anyone know how long this engogrement will last? I have not released any milk at all because that kinda defeats the purpose of drying up, yes it hurts but come on we went through birth.


barb - August 3

I b___stfed my son for 8 and 1/2 months. In finding out I was pregnant with my second child, my doctor informed that I needed to stop b___stfeeding immediately (I couldn't even wean him off), due to the fact that your uterus contracts when you b___stfeed. It's been two days since I've expressed my milk and my b___st are very uncomfortable. Does wearing a tight fitting bra really help stop the production of milk and help with the discomfort?


Teresa - August 6

I am in the same situation, and I asked my Dr. about a shot and they said it is not recommeded.. I am suffering right along with you, good luck.



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