Stop Breast Feeding

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Diana - October 10

Im in the same situation, and just as you I need to know the name of those pills.I read there are no longer giving them but Im hoping I can still find them. Someone told me I could find them at planned parenthood so thats my next stop. Good Luck!


Help - October 11

Diana, if you find out if you can get them at planned parenthood let us know


dee - October 30

I've been b___stfeeding for 5 months and stopped altogether 2 weeks ago, and they still are swollen and ache when touched. I noticed they leak once in awhile. How much longer do you think I have? I started wearing a sports bra about 5 days ago.


sammi - November 1

The pills for me were a joke,they did not work.So if you are trying to dry up I suggest doing what melanie has done. I have 3 children and I have found that the best way is to cut back a feeding every other day until eventually they were on the bottle. My second was 9 months and he went right from the b___st to a cup.Yes it is uncomfortable but do you remember child birth? This is nothing. Good luck


Kim - November 3

Try applying cold cabbage leaves to your b___sts. This helps with engorgement, and I've heard that it can actually dry up your milk. My sister used it, and it worked for her!


Tera - November 3

My gyno told me that when i am ready to start weining that i need to get on full force birth control. she told me that will help me dry up.


anna - November 14

I been trying to stop b___st feeding now but my son has tantrums..its worse than the pain for me. any body know a good way to calm them down?


RD - November 28

I have b___stfed my daughter for two years. Loved it and never gave her any bottles. Explained things to her and stopped feeding completely 5 days ago. Wore a good support bra, felt lots of pain but did not let any milk out. Though milk is still there it will dry up with time. No need for teas, or pills or these will surely have side effects. If you cant bear the pain just take some panadol. Let your body do the rest. god bless you all


Sara - November 28

In my experience (5 kids) it's best to nurse as long a possible (different for each child). Then stop very gradually. Drop a feeding about every 3-4 days. It should take at least 2 months to finish the schedule, some take longer. It depends on how the child reacts. Breastfeeding is emotional as well as nutritional. Take your time--You'll be glad you did.


Tava - February 13

what age should you stop b___stfeeding. without using any formula?


me - February 13

i do not mean my statement for those mothers who solely b___stfeed and it's time for weaning. It's meant for those who are drying up so they can give only formula.


mas06 - February 16

Well, I didn't b___stfeed and when my b___sts became engorged, my doctor told me to wrap an ace bandage around my b___sts and wear a tight sports bra. I was told that the medication used to stop b___stmilk from coming in is no longer being used. Anyway, the ace bandage and sports bra did the trick but you have to wear it all day for a few days.


Ashley8787 - May 24

Okay I need to know the name of that pill too!!! I cant brestfeed thank you very much to "i cant belive this" I have inverted nipples and they wont pull out with the nipple guard or anything. My doc says they are severly inverted and probley wont come out at all.. Now does that make them leak more? Because they told me not to express my milk but it looks like it expresses on its own. And the sports bra thing works! But dont waste your money on brest pads! I spent 60.00 in one week! Use regular pads like you would use for your period! They work so much better and you dont leak at night with them! Less laundry too! That helps me at least for school and every thing. And should they hurt when they leak? My doctor just gave me loratabs to help. They also said put heat packs on them. But then the nurses in the ER told me ice packs. WICH ONE?!?! And how long should this take?!? Iv been leaking for 2 1/2 weeks now and theres no sign of it dring up. Someone told me bynadril would help. Dont try Vitamen B6 it makes it worse!


C - May 27

Is it really that painful to everyone? I slowly weaned my son. At 9 months I stopped pumping and would nurse 3 x's per day. At 12 months I cut out the feeding after work. A week or two later I cut out the p.m. feeding. At 13 months (this past Wednesday) I cut out the last feeding. I still feel a little uncomfortable but nothing that bad. My son has the flu and I almost broke down and nursed him for comfort but I decided not to. Luckily he takes well to the bottle. The hardest part for me was knowing that my little guy is growing up so fast!


Samthea - June 8

Well, first of all, I think it's a pretty uneducational thing to say, that mothers don't want the best thing for their children becuase they are stopping b___stfeeding, "I can't believe this". Some people are just ready for it to end. Now, I've been b___st feeding for 21 months and counting, and it's about time for me to stop as well. I've heard of drugs that you can get, because my doctor was telling me a story about how she did that for someone else, but when I asked her before that, she said no. So I know there's some out there, anyone ever try any?? also, tea really works eh?? In stead of pumping, you can use a hot facecloth over them in the bathtub, that helps with the pain.


EricaLynn - June 9

wow who dug this out of the posting graveyard.....



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