Stop Breastfeeding Cold Turkey

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susan - January 27

What if I already stopped br___tfeeding cold turkey. My br___ts are engorged and my baby does not seem happy. He takes the bottle fine but he only eats four ounces and he wants to eat every hour. I don't know what to do for him or I start back up now that I have stopped and do it the correct way or do I just wait it out now that I have already started the process? Please help!!


Nikki - January 28

Since you have already started the weaning process, probably the best thing would be to start pumping only enough to relieve the pain and pressure so that you don't end up with mast_tis. You can feed your baby the expressed milk so that he can still enjoy the flavor of b___stmilk. You can supplement with formula so that he will be getting a taste for that, too. Do not expect it to be easy, as the baby is confused. The b___st is just as much a comfort measure as it is nourishment for a baby. It is much better for you and the baby to wean gradually, but you've probably already discovered that! Good luck.


Deb - February 27

I was advised by my doctor to stop cold turkey and Im glad I did. My daugher wouldnt take much milk from a bottle so I tried different methods and in the end she would drink from a beaker only. I used a b___st pump for the first few weeks just in case I wanted to feed her again and then my doctor gave me medication which drys up the milk straight away.


Maleficent - February 28

it is compleatly NORMAL for a new born to eat every hour from the bottle or the b___st. if you chose bottle feeding to get out of hourly feedings your out of luck. wether you want to go back to nursing or not is entirely up to you.


Janice - April 7

I have been tandem feeding my 7 month old & my 2 and & half year old. I want to stop my older child who is refusing to give up the b___st but she leaves bite marks on my nipples & is hurting me when she feeds. She has been drinking fresh milk only when I feed her or rather when I insist that she drinks from the bottle. But she is putting up a fight & I do not intend to stop feeding the younger brother until he is at least 1 year old. It is getting exasperating & emotionally wrenching for me & her. Please help anyone?


michelle - April 7

Janice, I don't have any real suggestions for you. Try,, or La Leche League's website.



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