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Eunique - March 28

Ok I'm going back to workin two weeks I have been trying to cut the bresstfeeding but it is not working! My daughter is almost 15 months she will be giong into daycare. were i will be working. my question is does anyone have any advice to how to cut down the feeding she only does it when it is time to go to bed & she will not really take a sippy cup. Im so stressed about this my other question is when is a good time to just STOP is she to old to be brsetfeeding i have alot of negitive talk about me still feeding her .one more thing I'm doing it by myself dad is not really able to help works odd hours. PLEAS HELP : (


britt_m - March 28

There isn't a good "time" to really stop. When you are ready or when she weans herself. If your ready then its best to begin weaning her so you don't start having regretting/resenting feelings. The best advice I've heard so far is to cut out one feeding at a time. For a few days to a week. For that feeding only offer a sippy cup. If you start having a rough time, maybe put something sweet in the cup, so she'll want it more. Then drop another and another til you are where you want to be. But children adapt to new situations usually easily, especially if there are other children around as they start picking up there behavior and socializing. So maybe it won't be as hard a transition as you think. My fingers are crossed for you, good luck.


oncemore - March 29

None of mine would take a sippy cup with anything but water, at first. My 1st two kids didnt even ever want a bottle OR a pacifier... I was so nervous about stopping bf'ing because I had no options except a sippy cup! LOL! BUT... my advice to you (and britt_m's advice is right on! One feeding at a time quit)... when I got down to just the feeding at nap time and the feeding at bedtime... I started with the feeding at nap time and just stopped it and only gave my child a sippy cup of water (nothing sweet or that would go bad hanging out in the crib)... my first two didnt go for the sippy cup unless they wanted a drink of water... they just had to cry it out for a bit... I would go in every 5 or 10 min to tell them "time for nap" and lay them down, as they would be standing in their crib... I did this for the first 15 min and in three days they got used to the idea of no feeding... DONT GIVE IN! Stay consistant! Otherwise your child will KNOW that they can "get to you"... and they will learn to scream and cry until they get their way. IF you find that your child is crying or screaming for longer than 30 min... my opinion (and it's just that... an opinion) is that it may be too soon to quit that feeding.... But I am not one to let my child "cry it out" (I'm talking like an hour or more...ugh!)... then, the night time feeding before bed was a little easier on my first two since they "knew" from the nap time how things were gonna play out. Best of luck to you! I don't think your child is too old to be nursing, although I stopped at 12 and 13 months old... but I am pg again and plan to nurse a while longer as this is my last child...sob sob. LOL!


Emmie - March 30

Well, she isnt too old to b___stfeed. I nursed my son until he was 20 months and would have done longer but I was pregnant and it was too painful. About weaning-cut one at a time. The one after the naps was easiest for me-I would get him up and feed him a huge bowl of oatmeal and then he was so full he didnt think of nursing. I dont know about the daycare thing though-I have always been a SAHM.


Jamie - April 30

I know this is an old post, but to make you feel better about nursing your (now) 16 month old, I'm still b___stfeeding my 33 month old. My personal limit is 3, so I've started the weaning process - she's only allowed to nurse first thing in the morning and just before bed; I'm slowly weaning her off the bedtime too, and talking to her about how she's a big girl now, almost too big to still be nursing, and she'll be done when she's three and that's in 3 months, etc.



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