Stopping Breast Feeding

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MJ - September 2

How long does it take before you stop producing milk and is it ok to stop giving br___t milk completely if baby already takes formula also???


deb - September 2

a year


Amanda - October 1

You stop producing the milk when you stop b___st feeding, after a few very uncomfortable days, whilst the milk is drying up. (Take it from someone who is experiencing this now!!, for the third time !!)Baby should stay on Formula milk/Follow on until he/she is 1year old, then full fat cows milk is OK


julia - January 5

i have stopped b___st feeding after 16 weeks because my baby would get very distressed if anyone other than me held her. I have not b___stfed for 10 days and i am still sore and leeking milk. Is this normal?


Nikki - January 6

You will want to wean the baby gradually, sudden cesation of b___stfeeding will lead to a very distressed baby and you will almost certainly get terribly enogorged. You can use cold cabbage leaves in your bra to relieve pain/discomfort and to help dry up the milk. If you have been b___stfeeding for awhile and have established a good milk supply, your body can produce milk and your b___st can ache for up to a year afterward, though the amount gradually decreases as time goes by. I b___stfed my daughter for 6 1/2 months and I had a small amount of milk that I leaked for almost a year, along with pains that shot through my b___sts.


Janine - January 10

My son is 17 months old but I would like to get pregnant again should I stop b___stfeeding him now? if so how long will it take him to get off the b___st?


rani - January 10

i want to stop my b___stfeeding but my baby won't leave my b___st . how i can stop?


Beccy - January 30

I weaned my child off b___st milk 7 months ago and I have still not dried up yet. what is the solution?


Sian - February 27

My daughter was very attached to the b___st, wouldnt go to anyone else and had to be fed to sleep. My doctor told me to stop cold turkey. I was really worried but it worked...and not only that but in two days she was sleeping nights in her cot with out a problem. I had a lot of milk but I was given a tablet from my doctor which stopped the milk straight away.


Heather - March 8

My son turns three this week. And I b___st fed him basically untill two months ago. I couldn't take it anymore (regarldess of how many doctors were thrilled about it) My b___sts are just starting to feel sore and tender. and a little heavy. Is this when you've stopped b___st feeding? He only nursed twice a day to begin with


moe - March 8

In my opinion one year to a year in a half is when you should stop b___stfeeding. I think b___stfeeding until 2 or 3 yrs old is too old.. When they can start eating table food is when you should take them off the b___st...


SALWA - March 31



michelle - March 31



d - September 16

how do i stop b___st feeding



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