Storing Breast Milk

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Dawn C - December 12

Is it ok to get 2-3 oz and freeze the milk THEN pump a few days later and get 1-2 oz and add to the frozen bag? I pump but not often because I dont want to start pumping when I dont need to. I do not get engorged or anything, plus I stay home. I just want to put some milk up in case I get sick or need a break. I just didnt know if I could add milk to an already stored bag. THANKS


Christy - December 12

I don't think so. According to my pump's manual, b___stfeeding book and hospital hand-out, once you freeze milk, you should not add to it. I am not sure why, though.


Heidi - December 12

You shouldn't add to frozen milk. If anything, keep it in the fridge and add to it. I think you can only store in the fridge for a few days though. My midwife told me three days max. I pump and store till I get 7 oz and then freeze it cus that's what my bags will hold. Make sure you store it in the fridge an hour before you freeze it and shake it up a bit to mix it up as it separates a little in the fridge when you add more.


Melissa - December 22

I was told by a few nurses at the hospital and a lactation consultant that it is perfectly fine to keep adding milk to a frozen supply.


April - December 22

I read that it is okay to add to frozen milk as long as the milk you are adding is chilled otherwise the frozen milk thaws and then freezes again. Not good.


mindee - December 22

I just freeze it in seperate bags and then thaw 2 or 3 at a time. I use the Gerber disposable ziplock bags for storing and I keep my milk in fridge for 5-7 days and then freeze it. These are the directions I got from my dr and the hospital lactation specialist. Hope it helps!


mom42 - December 23

I have read that you should chill milk before adding to frozen milk. I freeze mine on their sides, so they are flat, though, so I don't think I could easily add milk to them. I either start a new bag or keep it in the fridge until I have all I want to freeze in one bag. In my case, smaller portions are better because my baby won't take a bottle, so large amounts would be wasted. We only put an ounce or two in each bottle when we were trying to get her to take a bottle, and now use 1-2 ounces to make cereal. You should only keep defrosted milk in the fridge for 24 hours, so having the max of 6 oz. in one bag would waste tons of milk in our case.



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