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Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - October 1

How do you store br___tmilk...I have a pump, and I have the storage bags designed for storing br___tmilk...the only thing is, I know it lasts 48 hours in the fridge...but how long if you freeze it? Is it bad to store a lot...I am sad to say my nipples can't take the sucking (even with the nipple sheild) and even the pumping hurts them. But I can't give up and I want my daughter to at least nurse once a day...and get her on br___tmilk more then formula...but need to know as much about storing as I can...any information will help


hthab - October 1

You can store frozen b___stmilk for 3 months. If your nipples hurt while pumping, you might need the bigger shield. Have you talked to a lactation consultant about the painful nursing? They can probably help to make sure that the baby is latching on correctly with the "fish lips", and give you tips to eliminate the pain.


hthab - October 1

I just saw one of your other postings in Infant Care. I'd get a second opinion from another lactation consultant, and also call La Leche League. If you really want to continue, it sounds like you need a lot of support to get to the point where it's comfortable. Good luck! I hope it works out for you.


wailing - October 1

Milk lasts in the fridge for up to 8 days...not 48hrs. It can even last up to 10hrs unrefridgerated. Look up this info on the Le Leche League website. They also have great info for pumping and storing. U can store milk in a deep freeze (not attached to fridge) for up to 6 months. It lasts 3 months in a regular fridge (must be in the back). Freeze milk in bags only in 2-4 oz's. Makes it easier to thaw later and u can control how much u need w/ out waste. I would def try to find a Le Leche League near u to help u w/ all the questions. They are VERY helpful and supportive. They may even be able to help u figure out why b'feeding hurts. If u can't go to a meeting then u can even email questions to consultants that can help u online. But, if u end up not being able to b'feed, at least u are trying to store some milk. Good Luck:-)



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