Storing Breastmilk

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jena - November 9

I plan on br___tfeeding when my little one arrives. I am wondering what is the best way to store pumped milk. I have the playtex drop-in nurser system and it comes with caps you can put over the liners so you can store pumped milk. I have no idea how many additional caps to purchase because I have no idea how much milk I will need to store at one time. I am so confused! How much milk needs to be stored at one time? How does this work?


patty - November 11

I was wondering the same thing!!! Can someone please enlighten us on this? Is the playtex system the best for freezing milk or is there another better system that might work better for storage of milk in large quant_ties?


Heidi - November 12

I buy those Gerber storage bags. They hold 6 oz and can be dropped into the bottles too. They're for freezing or the fridge. I a__sume they work for any drop in bottle as they have the tear off lines and they have a ziplock seal for storing. They work slick. You can either use them in drop in bottles or just thaw them out and pour them into regular bottles. That's what I plan to do. It's nice cus I put more than 6 oz in them without them freezing over so when they thaw I can get two bottles with 3.5 oz in them and that's about what my 5 wk old is drinking per feeding right now.


Tati - November 13

I has a pro in pumping and freezing I bought the gerber zipper bags and I would pump 6 oz everytime so it was full bag every time. Then when I ran out of bags I used regular zip up bags they were cheaper and worked just as good. Sorry I couldnt tell you how much you would need because even though I froze over 50 bags I never used even one. I always had enough in my b___sts. But the milk I gave away to my baby sister she was born a month after my daughter. Also I know that when you take it out of freezer dont use microwave to defrost . but in fridge over night or on counter if you need it sooner and then heat when its totally thowed.


mom42 - November 13

I use either lansinoh or gerber stoage bags. The bottles would take up a load of space in the freezer. My baby has yet to take a bottle, so I have a BUNCH stored up. I put several of the storage bags in a freezer bag, since our freezer tends to freezer-burn stuff. Also, the bags are way easier to warm/thaw. Just run them under warm water for a few minutes and they are good to go.



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