Sudden Breastfeeding Problems With My 4 Month Old Boy

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diana_11 - December 9

I have been br___tfeeding/formula supplementing my 4 month old son since my milk supply was low... and things have been going great. He actually used to nurse from me more often than taking a bottle of formula.... However, it seems like the past few days, he refuses to take my br___t (especially my left one). and starts to cry everytime I try to nurse him... He does that with the bottle too,, but not as often.... Anyone experience something like that before? I have noticed that there could be some front teeth underneath his gum... could that possibly be the reason???? Plzz help!!!


excited2bemama - December 9

It might be teeth or it might just be that he is so distracted that he doesn't want to settle down and eat. Try feeding him in a dark quiet place.


diana_11 - December 9

thanks excited2bemama... I will definitely try that and see how it goes... how come this just happened all of a sudden???


excited2bemama - December 12

if its his teeth sucking can cause pain as their is a nerve that runs from their gums up to their ears.


wailing - December 16

Yup, my ds started getting like that at 4 months. They are soo curious that they can't concentrate. It does help to be in a quiet room w/ no distractions. And the pulling away could either be a tooth coming in, or even a stuffy nose. When they're noses are stuffy, they can't breathe while eating. Obviously this leads to alot of frusturation. Try spraying his nose w/ the non-medicated (make sure not medicated) saline spray. It loosens boogies and helps w/ breathing.


emilger - January 10

Diana_11, I have exact same problem with my 3 1/2 month old dd. Before she used to take bottle every now and then, when my supply is low. Now she refuses take bottles (she would screem) and won't take my right b___st and everytime she cries and pulls away. But at nights she nurses very well on both sides - I wake her up to feed at 11pm and then she wakes at 3-4am. I don't know what to do! But I will try as Excited2bemama said to feed in quiet dark place during the day as well. Can you tell me how things did go with your son - does he still pulls himself away and how about the bottle feeding? I will really appreciate your help! I'm so nervous about the situation we are now. Thank you.


myamazinggrace - January 20

Hi Diana - I am having the same problem with my 4 month old daughter. See my post "Nursing Strike". We were b___stfeeding and suplmenting with formula but now my by also cries and cries and cries which I try to b___stfeed her. I don't know who feels worser - Me or her . . . I called La Leche League and they gave me some very basic advice, like encourage skin to skin contact with the baby, take a bath with her, etc. Nothing that worked unfortunately. My doc put me on the spice Fenugreek - Supposed to increase the supply. But if she won't drink it, it really does not matter how much there is . . . I am desperate for a solution. I am afraid that while I try to figure this out, my milk (which was low in the first place) will go away entirely :(



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