Suddenly Dont Have A Lot Of Milk

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charee - October 2

I am bf my 2nd child- he is almost 4 wks. I have been fine so far, and he usually feeds only one side per feeding and goes 2-4 hours between feedings. Well this afternoon/ late evening he woke up after a 3.5 hour nap to eat and i could tell he wasnt really getting anything, so after a few min i switched him to the other side, which i never do. And he didnt really get anything from there either, he was getting frustrated. I never had a letdown on either side. ~~I cant figure out why i didnt really have any milk.... only thing i can think of is i took my daughter to the park and was kicking around a ball with her, and playing volleyball for about 20 min this morning- thats probably the most exercise i have gotten since i had him.... did i maybe just overdo it? Or did i not drink enough water?? I cant figure out why...... I let him suck forever but it finally made my nipple sore and i had to make him wait an hour... Any idea?


lifescholar - October 9

Are you always able to feel a letdown? If not, perhaps you did and didn't realize? There are other reasons why your son may have become fussy at the b___st. Have you started any medications (including birth control) recently? They can effect your milk supply. Were you feeling stressed out? Some women have trouble having a letdown, and/or producing milk when they are feeling exhausted or stressed. Does he have a good, asymmetrical latch? He should come on to the b___st with his CHIN first, and his head back a bit, so that your nipple is pointing up, towards his nose. When he nurses, you should see him taking pauses with his mouth open, as he takes a full mouth of milk. If you are not seeing this, I would recommend seeing a lactation consultant or a postpartum doula for help. Good luck!


wailing - October 12

I didn't really start feeling let down until about 5-6 wks. I've read that if u don't get enough rest and are physically drained ur body will stop making milk to conserve energy. The fact that u exhausted yourself maybe what happened. Drink tons of water and pump more often, get lots of rest to see if that makes a difference. Good Luck


charee - October 14

thanks girls... it seems to be fine now. This is my 2nd one, with my daughter i didnt have letdowns for about 2 months.. at least that i knew of. This time i have been able to tell since about a week (after my engorgement, which was pure faucet, ended!!!!) It does seem like one side makes a lot more and just sprays and sprays, and the other doesnt quite do the same thing, who knows.



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