Suddenly Hates The Bottle

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poizinniv - April 2

I am BF but have been giving my dd an occasional bottle since she was only a couple weeks old. She had no problem switching from br___t to the bottle initally. Now, we've hit 7 weeks and she has decided she only wants the br___t and cry and screams if we try and give her the bottle. We have the ventflow ones that are supposed to be specifically for babies who are br___tfeeding and using the bottle (slow drip). I am going back to work in a little over two weeks and am worried about she's going to start shrinking if she won't eat all day. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!


clindholm - April 2

The only suggestion that I can give is to have someone else give her the bottle,you should also not be in sight. If she sees you, she wants the b___b! Good luck, it's tough going back to work while bf'ing. Btw, is she getting Breastmilk or Formula in the bottle?


poizinniv - April 3

She gets 100% b___st milk (I pump). She started protesting any formula (the little she got) a couple weeks ago. I will try your suggestion and leave when she is being fed with the bottle. She cries when other people try to give her the bottle too, but I haven't tried leaving the room yet. Thanks!


jenna32 - April 4

are they the playtex ventaire ones?my daughtwer couldn't get anything out of those if they are so i'd keep an eye on that. otherwise i wish i knew what to do to. when dd was a bit younger we'd go on some longer car rides so i couldnt b___stfeed her in the car and she'd go absolutely nuts when i tried giving her the bottle. i know i really shouldn't of and its horrible but it sounded like she was in pain so i even took her outta her carseat and she just kept rubbing her hand at my b___st,crying her head off.i felt so bad. i'm just glad at a year she will need less feedings and we'll probably arrive places before i have to feed her.


poizinniv - April 5

Yeah, we have the playtex ventaire ones. We've tried the slow, medium, and rapid nipples, plus some other types. My kitchen looks like it's been taken over by bottles! lol. At this point I guess she's just going to go on a hunger strike when I go back to work until she'll take the bottle. Thankfully my mom will be watching her and she's pretty patient. If anyone has any other suggestions, let me know!


clindholm - April 6

From what I've learned, the way that they suck on b___b vs. bottle is different, she may be getting frustrated with trying to figure out how to suck properly. I'm sure she will get used to it. It's great having family to take care your lo!


poizinniv - April 7

You're probably right because she seems to roll the nipple around in her mouth like she's not quite sure what to do with it. Or chew on it, scary. :) Hopefully she will figure it out quickly and without much screaming! lol


micsmms3 - May 3

My lo wouldn't take the playtex ventair bottles either, the flow was too hard for her to get any milk so she would scream and cry out of frustration. With any bottle, be sure it isn't too tightly screwed shut as that makes it hard to suck. The nipple should easily drip when u tilt it... In case you didn't know already! I switched to avenu but still curse the nipples on a regular basis.



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