Suddenly Low Milk Supply

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pregnant76 - November 18

I used to be able to pump 6-8 oz in one session and all of a sudden I'm finding that I can only pump 3-4 oz each time. This only started happening within the past week. My DD is now 4.5 months old. Is this normal? I tried fenugreek last night but haven't seen any results yet. I'm not ready to stop giving her BM! Help!


lily10 - November 18

Mimi, keep taking the fenugreek, it can take a couple days to notice results. I would try and add in an extra pumping session till your supply comes back up. Of course drink plenty of water, which is a major issue for me for some reason. I am having the same problem with my supply and my dd who is the exact same age as you dd. I know my milk supply is dropping because of stress at work..I have a new boss who is just an awful person and making going to work a dreadful task. Eat some oat meal, take the fenugreek, add another pump session (if you can) and drink tons of fluid. This is what I plan to do as well. Good luck!!


pregnant76 - November 18

Thanks, Lily. I've been travelling alot the past couple of weeks for work and I definitely think it's taken a toll on my supply. I was only able to pump 1-2 the entire day when I was travelling. I'll definitely keep trying with the oatmeal, fenugreek and drinking lots of water. I'm crossing my fingers!


excited2bemama - November 18

keep in mind hat this is the typical time where your supply evens out and won;t make all the extra milk that your had before.... I thought the same thing because suddenly I got less at pumping too but my supply was just evening out. If you wan't to have some extra to store keep pumping!!


alisonelecia - November 19

As another note, I've been told that the composition of your milk can change over time so that your lo can get as many nutrients in 4oz of milk as they used to get in 6oz. Are you still nursing every once in a while? As long as as your dd is still growing and you're pumping at least 4oz I wouldn't worry too much, your body knows what it's doing.


pregnant76 - November 24

So, I'm happy to report that the fenugreek worked! I took 6 capsules (310 mg each) each day for 4 days. Both baby and I were both super ga__sy and our pee smelled like maple syrup but it was such a huge difference. I was able to pump about 5-7 more oz a day!



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