Supplementing Breastfeeding With Formula

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Tracey - August 24

Is it ok to supplement br___tfeeding with formula? I'm planning on going back to work almost immediately so it would be nearly impossible for me to pump enought to feed the baby every 2 hours. But I've heard that br___tfeeding is good for the baby and also helps shrink your uterus faster after birth. A friend suggested to me to pump for about a month or so (not actually let the baby nurse from me), but feed the baby the br___tmilk from a bottle (to avoid the confusion between the bottle and my nipple). Anyone ever tried this?


Dez - November 21

anyone have an answer to this question? I would really like to know too


Kayci - January 6

I had to give my child pumped milk immediately due to Jaundice and have never had a problem with him having nipple confusion (I use the Avent bottles and nipples)


Misty - January 6

I had a baby boy in Sept ' 04 and i am b___st feeding and i went back to work after 7 wks and i continued to b___stfeed i just pump at work twice a day and freeze the milk and give it my babysitter and she thaws it and puts it in the bottle, no harm done, thats what we working moms have to do if we are b___stfeeding. He has been on full b___st milk since he's been born although when my sister b___st fed she also worked and started out pumping for about 2 mo and then she started supplementing during the day and just b___stfeeding him when she got home and at night time,and your milk will not dry up so you can do it either way and eventually i will start supplementing after he is 6 mo.and b___stfeeding at night and when i get home. And as long as the baby is over 6 weeks he will not get confused with bottle or b___st but they have to be 6 weeks.. I also have been losing at least 4 lbs a month and it just keeps coming off with the benenfit of b___stfeeding! So I hope this helps good luck....


Nikki - January 6

You can begin pumping and storing your milk ahead of time to get a good head start before you go back to work. You can buy b___stmilk storage bags that keeps milk safe. Breast milk can be frozen and stored for up to six months. It only stays good a short time in the refrigerator. (48 hours I think). Also, when your milk comes in 2-4 days after you deliver, you may have alot of milk too quickly (as I did) you can pump a little to relieve the discomfort/pain. This was something I did and it was a huge relief. It is a good idea to begin pumping and storing your milk at least a month before you have to go back to work. Most of the time it works best to have someone other than yourself to give the baby the first bottles until the baby gets used to feeding from a bottle. Your baby can smell your milk and a__sociates Mommy with the b___st and may refuse to take a bottle from you. It's best to leave the room when someone else attempts to give the baby a bottle. Also, don't start giving bottles at night, when the baby is sleepy or sick. These are times when babies enjoy the comfort of the b___st that only you, not a bottle, can provide. The baby is more likely to accept a bottle when he is happy, not sleepy, and not very hungry. Offer a small bottle, not a full one, just in case the baby does refuse it. That way your milk won't be wasted. My mother in law is a Board Certified Lactation Consultant and this is the advice that she gave me when I nursed my daughter.


Tammy - January 22

I had to begin supplementing my son with formula at two weeks because he was not gaining weight quickly enough with just b___st milk - I am just not producing enough for him regardless of the fact that he was feeding every 1- 1 1/2 hours like clock work for the two weeks and I pump about every 2-3 hours. I use the Avent bottles and nipples, though I'm not a huge fan. My son spits out a lot with these bottles. I have not had any problem with b___stfeeding him at the b___st and then switching to a bottle, even at only two weeks. I also purchased a b___st pump and pump throughout the day for bottle feedings of b___st milk so I can gauge how much he is getting since he was not getting enough directly through the b___st. I do b___stfeed him a few times each day and will continue to do so - along with the b___stmilk and formula bottle feeds. I will be going back to work in a few months and will continue with as much b___stmilk as possible so he can receive the benefits - with supplementing with formula. In short, you should not have any problem switching back and forth throughout the day and b___stfeeding through a bottle. Try the Avent bottles and nipples - they seem to work really well for most people.



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