Supply Not Going Up Even Though I M BF 17 Times A Day

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anamariaflorencia - September 17

My baby is 4 weeks old and has been feeding every 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours since I took her home and two days old. Everyone said just keep feeding her on demand and your supply will increase...well, it hasn't enough to satisfy her. I've even been taking domperidone, fenugreek and blessed thistle. I have plenty of milk at night (I hear her suck and swallow the entire time and she doesn't empty my br___ts...I pump out the rest). She'll go 3 hours between feeding then, but as soon as the morning hits, she starts wanting to nurse constantly! Please help!


Crystal83 - September 17

Your milk supply sounds pretty normal to me. The b___st always get a litlle fuller at night when the baby sleeps longer. Is you lo upset during the day because she isn't getting enough milk? Maybe you could look into a lactation consultant to see if things are on track. I know the milk supply does start to regulate after a few weeks of nursing and even though it seems like your b___sts are empty they really aren't they just aren't overflowing anymore like in the beginning when you first start nursing. But check with a lactation nurse to be sure, maybe.


Sophia - September 18

Are you getting enough water yourself? The more you drink the more your baby will have to drink. Your milk supply will naturally decrease after 4-6 months, but till then it should be more than enough for the child.


Kiersten - September 19

When she's eating throughout the day are you sure she's emptying your b___sts? Her feeding pattern kind of sounds to me like she's not taking a full feeding and is just getting the foremilk, not the hindmilk which is more fattening and filling. Babies digest bm quickly anyways, but if she's not fully emptying you and getting to that rich hindmilk she's basically snacking all day. See if you can't keep her up (is she falling asleep in feedings?) and get her to take a good full feeding. She'll get herself on a more spaced out routine if she's truly full each feeding. I don't think you have a supply problem. Personally (check with LC to ease your mind) I think she's feeding too often to really be full each feeding. It will wear you out if the snacking pattern continues! Make sure you're getting your rest (as much as possible with a newborn; nap when she naps), drinking your fluids and eating well to keep up your energy. Nursing (no pun intended) takes a lot out of you and it can be easy to not pay as much attention to your own needs. Congratulations on your little girl and I hope this works out soon for you. I remember those days of little sleep and feeling like all we did was nurse all day until ds took full feedings and then it instantly stretched out to 3 hours for us. Good luck!



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