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Mommyof1 - October 23

Hello, first all let me say I have 2 children now nolonger MOmmyof1 :) Anyway, I am br___t feeding this time around and have been for 8 weeks now. I am just wanting to know how much milk should I be getting when I pump? And how often should I pump to keep my supply going? Currently I pump 3 times a day ( on breaks at work) 15 mins eash time which only give me about 3 ozs on each br___t. Most afternoons I only get 3 oz total! My daughter only drinks about 3 or 4, 3 oz bottles a day (when I am at work) When I am with her I nurse her. As she gets bigger will I get more milk? ANy help is much appreciated I want to nurse until 1 year if possibe.


britt_m - October 23

I bf my dd for 12.5 months then she self-weaned due to pregnancy. When I pumped with her I never got more than 3-4 ounces. Less than that after I quit pumping and tried to start again. I've read that the amount of milk doesn't increase much at all, its the composition of the milk that changes to suite their needs. So they may not eat more than 3,4 or maybe 5 oz at a time when they get older. I'll see if I can find out where I read that, it was either or la leche league's website.


sarah21 - October 26

I would say as long as your daughter is seeming satisfied, don't even worry about the amount you're pumping. I personally was able to pump 6 ounces at a time if I couldn't get my daughter to nurse when she was about 2-3 months old (she had a UTI and didn't feel well) and if I pumped after a feeding I'd get another let down and get about 4 ounces. Each baby is different though and so is their appet_te. You'll get more milk when she goes through growth spurts and wants to eat more often. When that happens, since you have to pump at work, you may initially have to supplement some formula if you don't have some extra b___stmilk on handy and you'll need to pump a bit more to build up your supply to keep up. But Britt is also right that the composition of your milk changes too.


britt_m - October 31

I couldn't find where it said that but I did find the formula for b___stmilk in a bottle. It was on kellymom. Between 0-6 months b___stfed babies take about 19-30oz of b___stmilk a day. So an average of 25oz. You take 25oz and divide by the number of feedings in 24 hours. So for my son who is 1 month, he eats about every 8 hours and takes about 3 oz from a bottle. I store 3.5oz, but he just barely takes all of 3 oz.



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