Swollen Lymph Nodes

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Mindi - July 10

My ds is only 11 days old. We had problems with him latching on in the beginning, but now he's got the hang of it. I did notice a couple of days ago, when I was putting on deodorant, that I could feel all the little lumps under my armpits and I think they are my lymph nodes. They are kind of tender and I was wondering if I should be worried, or if this is normal. Any advice I would appreciate, as I am a first time mom and am still trying to figure things out.


sahmof3 - July 10

I don't know for sure, but maybe it has something to do with your milk ducts. I swear, when I would have letdown I felt like it started from the armpit/upper arm (underneath) area!!


shannan - July 10

Mindi, It sounds like your milk ducts. If they get larger and hurt, they may be clogged. When nursing your ds, try to ma__sage that area, that way your getting your b___st drained. Good luck. Take it day by day and it does get easier as time goes by!


kr - July 10

It might be your milk ducts that are clogged. 10 days after delivery is when my milk came in and it came in like crazy.I had the same problem.There are many things you can try. These all worked for me: -Change b___sts every 5 minutes or so -nurse your baby in different positions, so that you make sure to stimulate all the ducts.(If your cradeling try the football, etc). -Check your bra. Those first few weeks wear a looser bra. If you have to wear one at night try a nursing tanktop with a built-in. -Before nursing put a hot pad on affected areas -Try to pump to get the milk out. You can freeze the milk for later.It is so handy to have around if you want to have a babysitter later, or just to mix in your baby's food when s/he is ready. -ma__sage your b___sts in the shower. It's the same idea as a heat pad. -call the la leche league in your area, and buy their b___stfeeding book. It offers many tips -It could be a sign of infection. If your b___sts feel hard or tender you need attention. You can try the above, but you need to keep your doctor updated. -Don't give up, you'll be so proud you didn't!


Mindi - July 10

Thank you all so much. I will try the advice. My midwife told me to give it 21 days and it should get easier. In the beginning my son didn't have proper latch on, so it made my right nipple very sore (still trying to recover from that). Otherwise I truly am enjoying the closeness and experience.


kneequa - July 12

Yes this is natural and will pa__s. I have a four week old and about a week into b___stfeeding my armpits were swollen. One was almost the size of a golf ball. It has pa__sed especially since I have my b___stfeeding all figured out. In short it' normal.



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