Teen Girl Looking For Some Advice On Breastfeeding

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stacy - May 1

im pregnant, and im just wandering, do i have to br___t feed my baby girl when shes born? can it harm her if i dont? and also i end up not br___tfeeding will i have to use something to get the milk out or can i just leave them? reply plz


Lyn - May 1

You don't have to b___stfeed it is a personal choice. But it is the best thing for the baby. It gives your baby alot of antibodies to fight aganist illness. If you choose not to b___stfeed the doctor give you something to make your milk dry up.


Maleficent - May 3

you dont have to, but please concider it. it's very good for the baby and recent studies have shown it helps protect you against many different types of cancer. if you decide not to b___stfeed then talk to your doctor about formulas and what to do when your milk comes in. i suggest learning more about nursing before making a choice.


Loren - May 4

No one has to b___stfeed. According to the docs, if you want the best for your baby's health, then you can b___stfeed for as little as two weeks and your little girl will all of your antibodies. However, it has been proven that b___stfed children are healthier and even smarter. You just need to consider the amount of time that it will require for you to be there in order to do this. Your baby will feed every one 1/2 to 2 hours and sometimes more frequently during growth spurts. Your b___stmilk is not as heavy in their tummy as formula is. However, it has its perks. I did it for 1 year. It made me feel very proud when I would look at the rolls of fat on him and know that I did that!! Very self gratifying!!! You will produce milk whether you chose to b___stfeed or not. The hospitals do not give you anything to help aid with drying them up anymore. SO, after a week or so, it will go away. Just be sure not to stimulate them in anyway and don't be surprised if you leak milk during this time period. You can also contact your local Leche League. Ask your ob/gyn they will have the #. This just means "milk" in Spanish. This organization has a lot of helpful types. If you are going to be going to school during this time, you can always pump your b___stmilk and freeze it for the days when your sitter is watching her, because she will need to be fed while you are away. I hope that this was helpful. If you need anything else just ask. Good luck!!


stacy - May 8

thank you lyn, maleficent, and Loren for your replys so far. im jus a little bit nervous even thinking about b___st feeding! It's just that im only 14 and 7 months pregnant, im nervous about so much, going through labour etc and b___stfeeding is probably the last thing I shud be worrying about but im nervous!


Steph - May 10

Stacy, You should at least try to b___st feed. You've got at least 6 weeks at home with your new baby--give it a shot. Then, you can decide if that's something you do or don't want to do. Maybe you could nurse before you went to school and then in the evenings when you get home, then suppliment with formula when she's at the sitters.


angel - May 11

i am 19 and am b___stfeeding my baby. i feel like it is easier because at night i don't have to get up and fix a bottle, or if i'm watching tv and he starts crying i can just grab him and sit back down on the couch. plus everyone knows it's healthier for the baby, even the commercials for formula say so. when there are germs around your body produces antibodies that specifically protect against those germs, and those antibodies are pa__sed through the milk to your baby. i know this is true because my boyfriend had a cold for like a week and the baby did not get even a little bit sick even though he sleeps in the bed with us. that to me is the best reason to b___stfeed, because it will help keep your baby healthy and who wants to deal with a sick baby. plus, its free, and formula's not cheap! i don't know if you're in school or not, but if you do decide to pump your milk while you're in school you will need to let your teachers know because it takes longer than you probably have between cla__ses. one last thing: if you do b___stfeed, be prepared for criticism. even though it is the best thing for the baby, not many teenagers do it so your friends may think it's weird. lots of girls told me that they tried it but their baby just sucked too hard and it hurt. they said i would try it but give up. my boyfriend tried to talk me out of it because he said it would make my b___bs sag. even people who don't criticize will a__sume you're bottle feeding. they'll make some reference to bottles or formula and when you say you're b___stfeeding they'll be like "oh? your b___stfeeding??" all surprized. it does hurt at first but after the first week or two the pain goes away, and i don't think it will make your b___bs sag any more than growing a couple cup sizes during pregnancy will.


angel - May 11

hi i know i just wrote you a book but then i saw that you had said you are nervous....i was nervous too, i had no idea what to do. but the nurses at the hospital helped me a lot. at first i couldn't get him to latch on, and every time i fed him a nurse would actually have to grab my nipple and stuff it in his mouth. but by the time i left the hospital i pretty much knew what to do. when you do try it just remeber that it will only get easier. when your milk first comes in and your b___sts are engorged it seems harder to get the baby to latch on because your b___bs are hard so you cant really squeeze them. but after a few days they will soften up, and you and your baby will learn the right way to do it and soon it will just become natural, you will do it without even thinking about it.


Maleficent - May 11

if you're planning on raising your baby your way b___stfeeding is the way to go. for me it was the only way to keep everyone from taking over. i was barely 18 when i had my son and my family was eager to help, but *i* wanted to be his mom. nursing made it so they HAD to give me my baby back. i only nursed him for 6 weeks before giving in to pressure to formula feed. when i had my daughter i was older and more a__sertive, she nursed for 16 months. i loved it, i loved that she needed me and only me. i still shared her with my family and husband, but it was nice to have a connection with her that no else could have. good luck to you in whatever you decide. do what you need to do in order to be the mom you want your baby to have.



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