The Woes Of A Leaky Breast What Should I Do

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Kristin72 - March 12

My right side is leaky when I nurse, My baby seems to prefer the left side. I think the left is a better producer of milk. But I am not sure because the right leaks alot...especially during let down. I can feed on my right and my baby seems fussy..I then switch to my left thinking maybe there is not enough milk and then when I switch back it leaks again. I often try to switch her back to catch the leaky milk as not to waste it. Sometimes I even sit with a bottle underneath the right br___t to catch the ecxess. When pumping my right seems to be able to pump better. Whereas the better producer will not let down very well for a pump..does anyone else have similar problems? P.S. Sorry if my question is all over the place but my milk is all over me ;)


Tammy276 - March 13

It is normal to leak from the other b___st when you are b___stfeeding.....the amount that leaks may seem like a lot, but its not like you are leaking ounces at a time........when b___stfeeding, if at one feeding you start on the left and end with the right, the next feeding you should start with the right and end with the left. It may be your LO is fussy on the right because there is a faster let down? Maybe try pumping a bit first on that b___st and then offer it and see if that helps....but don't keep switching between b___sts at one feeding......let your LO empty one b___st before you offer the other.


Kristin72 - March 13

I actually leak atleast 1-2 ounces from my right.If I donot have a b___st pad my shirt or bed is completely soaked. I only switch temporarily to catch the excess and then I switch back...otherwise it is a waste of milk..then I continue with the side I started from. Much of the time like I said I will catch the excess with a bottle placed under the b___st while feeding. Next time I switch and start with the right..I don't switch to the left again....because the left does not leak.


kellens mom - March 13

patience...hopefully it will clear itself in time. don't expect miracles any time soon though. It took 3 months before mine slowed down - and we all know how different each of us are from one another. Hopefully your leak will clear up faster then mine. I hated leaking. I felt out of control and vulerable because I never really knew when it was going to happen. Over time, I could gauge how full I was and if I needed to pump. Plus my milk supply stabilized. I wonder if you should slow down on expressing so that your milk supply levels off a bit? If you keep expressing, then you are telling your body to make more or continue at the same level. Just a thought...


Kristin72 - March 14

do you mean slow down my feedings? I did not mention i was expressing... the milk just comes out on it's own.


kellens mom - March 14

I thought you were intentionally expressing milk. I reread your post. A lot of people will intentionally express milk with hopes of freezing it. I thought you were doing that as well. Sorry. Keep doing what you are doing...hopefully your milk production will level out and the leaking will subside.


mamagoose - March 14

I don't really know the answer to your question, but I'm having a similar issue with the leaking. Ds is 5 weeks old on friday, and I'm soaking through several nursing pads a day. I had to switch to disposable because they absorb better, I was soaking through the reusable ones an hour after I put them on! I agree with Tammy, maybe you could make sure when you feed your baby, let her empty one b___st before offering the other, and then start on the one she didn't empty at the next feeding, so the b___sts are being equally stimulated. This might help them become more equal and stable with time.



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