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josie4 - November 24

I never expected br___tfeeding to go the way it has for me! I didn't latch/position him in the beginning which resulted in cracked nipples and agonizing pain every time I fed him. I figured out how to latch him correctly, but my nipples still burn when I feed him and also when I'm not feeding him. The burning along with some white spots on his tongue and a persistent diaper rash lead me to believe we've got thrush. So, I'll start treatment for that now... I am so looking forward to pain-free br___tfeeding!!!!! Anyone else deal with thrush and how long did it take to clear up?


name - November 24

I think me and ds have it, I'm taking him to the doc Monday. I had to quit BF him, it was soooo hard and too painful. So I'm pumping and bottle feeding him b___st milk and it is so much easier. My nipples still burn!!!


josie4 - November 25

I'm sorry you had to stop - that's too bad. My nipples burn and my b___sts hurt in between feedings. If I get cold and my nipples pop out... ouch! I hope this gets better soon and I hope you and your son get better too!


lily10 - November 25

My dd and I both had thrush. The thrush needs to be treated right away so it does not spread to the inside of your b___st. The nurse at my ob's office said that it feels like gla__s is going through you every time you nurse if you get it on the inside of your b___sts. There is this cream that you can use on yourself, it's called all purpose nipple cream and it needs to be mixed by a pharmasist. My dd was put on liquid diflucan, she was initially given nystatin but that stuff did nothing at all. The diflucan will treat both the yeast in the mouth and in the diaper area. I would say it took a couple weeks to clear up but I think it would have cleared much faster if they did not put my dd on the useless nystatin and put her straight on the dyflucan. Good luck!!! It will get better.


krc - November 27

When my son was 2 months old he got thrush real bad, his whole tongue was white and nursing was torture. His doc gave him an antibiotic and I had to rinse my nipples clean and rub my nipples with it after each feeding. Also I would rub some expressed milk onto the areolas. His thrush cleared up within a matter of a few days. But the painful nursing endured for a total of 6 weeks.


first-timer - November 27

DS and I have had thrush for about 4 weeks now. I am on round 2 of Nystatin and agree that it is doing nothing to clear us up. At least the painful feeding has gone for me anyhow and the nystatin has helped that but DS still has the white patches. I am going to the doctor tomorrow and going to insist on something else. Please hang in there with the b___st feeding because it will go away and I know how painful it is because I would cry in pain to feed him before I got treatment. I too found pumping wasn't as painful until the treatment kicked in and then I went back to feeding him. Hang in there and good luck.


name - November 27

Doc says we DO have it. Using nystatin. It burns my nipples but DS is taking it good. My b___bs/nipples itch and burn :[ My left nipple is so swollen. And it hurts even when I pump.


first-timer - November 28

I went to the doc today too and she prescribed an oral Nystatin for the baby to take. It is a liquid that you put in his mouth and because of their age they keep it in their mouth for a few seconds before swallowing and this is supposed to work. This way he is getting more than what he was with the cream. Also watch for a yeast infection because mine spread there as well.



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