Thrush AND Mastitis HELP

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Mommiex20803 - October 2

Hi well i have a beautiful 2 month old baby boy and i love br___tfeeding him but i need help....ever since he was 5 weeks old (he's about 9 weeks old now)...he has had thrush....we have been to the doctor tons of times and have tried at least 2 different kinds of medicine....and its not getting better and its not getting worse....and i have also gone to my OB/GYN and she gave me some anti-fungal cream to rub on my nipples but i have to wash it off before i feed him....and just this past week i developed mast_tis in my left br___t so on top of having a VERY VERY painful nipple (on a scale of 1-10...10 being the worst......when i nurse its honestly a 9)....i have a red and painful br___t....ugh! i love br___tfeeding and i mean i want to keep up with it!!! as you can tell..i've been living through the pain for over a month....but my question is what is a good way to relieve my sore sore nipples? make nursing not soo son by the way nurses soooo much! i've even thought about taking a 'break' at least once or twice a day (and possible pump so i can have extra milk stored)...but when i take a break just give him formula....because when i first got on my medicine for the mast_tis they told me i couldnt nurse AT ALL and i had to pump and throw the milk away...and honestly even though i thought pumping would KILL me (because of the pain) it actually didnt...and it gave my sore nipples a break so when i went back to br___tfeeding him it only hurt a tiny but vs. me crying and screaming because it hurt so bad.....soo what do you guys think i should do?? im open to try anything! (just about lol)...alright thanks so much!! oh and if you have any advice on getting rid of the thrush with my baby i would love to know something!! sorry if this is rambled.....its hard to think and type with a 3 year old and a 2 month old next to you lol...:)


jodie - October 2

Hey mommie! I went/am going through the exact same thing! I took medication for my mast_tis so it's gone now but I am still taking medicine for the thrush. My little girl is 10 weeks old and we have had thrush since she was 2 weeks. We tried nystatin and it didn't work. So finally they had me buy Gentian Violet for her mouth and I am taking Diflucan and its working soooo well!! My nipples feel sooo better!! Anyways, you should ask your doc about the medicine!!!! Good luck!!


Val - October 3

Have you been on the kellymom website? The Jack Newman MD handouts about mast_tis and thrush are really good. I have a prescription nipple ointment (made at a compounding pharmacy) that seems to be helpful. I had really bad cracks, and possibly thrush, and the nipple ointment was the only thing that finally helped. I had a lot of pain for the first 2 months, so I can sympathize with you! Some other suggestions... try expressing some b___st milk onto your nipple after your baby eats, if you're not already doing so. Also, I reduced the amount of time that my baby spent on the nipple (he was staying on for 20-25 minutes per side!)... when I reduced it to 10-15 minutes max per side, he still gained weight and was satisfied, and the pain and cracking finally started diminishing. Also, you can give the baby acidophillus (I think one of the Newman's handouts talks about it, and my naturopath gave me some for the baby) to help with the thrush. In fact, if you are on antibiotics for mast_tis, you should be taking it as well. Maybe try finding a naturopath or some other kind of doctor if yours isn't helping. I saw so many lactation consultants as well as my doctor, but it wasn't until I went to a different consultant at a new hospital that I was told about the Newman's nipple ointment and things finally started getting better. Finally, if one side is more sore than the other, try to just pump that side (and feed from the other ) for a day or two to give the sore side a longer break. I hope the pain goes away soon... I remember being really down around 2 months because the pain was so bad! But I did stick with it and it's much easier now (at 4 months). I'm not pain-free, but there's only a little pain for a few seconds when latching on one side... no more curling my toes, stamping my feet and trying not to swear!! Good luck to you!


Tory1980 - October 3

If they haven't treated you for thrush yet they need to as you are pa__sing it between each other and it won;t clear. As for the mast_tis the best way to help is to feed or pump often (not helping the pain though!). There is medications that can be given that you can still feed with so maybe that is another option for you. If the pumping works then try that maybe one or two feeds a day just to have the break. Has he always fed often? If he hasn;t then I would say he is hitting his growth spurt at this time and will want the extra feeds. Make sure he is feeding too rather than just wanting the comfort otherwise you find yourself in even more pain as the b___st won't be getting emptied properly. Good luck and congrats on feeding through the toe curling pain!



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