To BF Or Not To BF

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Jess - February 14

I just had my baby saturday. I am trying bf and it is going terrible for me. I hurt so bad from blisters and cuts on my nipples from the baby not latching on right initially. I am so tired from not having a set schedule with such a new baby. I am very emotional (as expected) and i really don't know if i can bf anymore. It hurts soooo bad. My milk is slowly coming in but i am seriously thinking of formula. Has anyone else been in my situation? Any advice?


Ange - February 14

Jess, I promise you it gets better please stick with it. The first few weeks are really really tough. When I first had my baby I cried every time I went to feed her, my nipples bled and skin hung from them, it was so gross and really horrible. I wanted to switch to formula sooo bad. I ended up pumping for the first few weeks and I would try latching her once a day in the meantime. It took me about 3-4weeks before I started to get the hang of it. Once you get the hang of it Jess its totally worth it, I promise you. Just talk to people who support b___stfeeding to help you through this tough time. If it was meant to be easy then i'm sure alot more mothers would do it. You doing so good for even trying!


Ange - February 14

Emy has started a thread in infant care called ' anyone need support with b___stfeeding'.


Heidi - February 14

Oh it's hard the first few weeks but hang in there. It gets better!!!!


Jess - February 14

Thanks for your kind words. I am just bawling as I am reading and writing this. I really do want to stick it out. Maybe do what you said Ange, and pump mainly and then latching my baby once a day would be a good start. I do have a lot of support for my husband, family and the hospital. I am just sooo tired and emotional. I am really looking forward to seeing the pediatrician tomorrow for more help and advice. Thanks again, Ange and Heidi.


Ange - February 14

You're more than welcome Jess. I really truely feel for you. Its so hard after all the excitement of the birth, then its all over and god I hate to say it but In those first several weeks I thought 'is this worth it, what was i thinking'. I just wanted to be tucked up in my bed with someone mothering me. I really wish that there was more emphasis on how we feel emotionally after giving birth, Jess I wasn't even sure that I loved my baby - how horrible is that. All it takes is time, my thoughts are with you. All you have to remember is that you won't feel like this forever. I wish I could give you a big hug.


Jess - February 14

Ange, I actually feel like I got a big hug from you!! I needed it. I had my mom come over today and she spent the afternnon with me. I feel a lot better. I know I will continue to have my ups and downs, but I sure am going to enjoy my "up" right now. You are right though about the emphasis needed on how we as mothers feel. I am very lucky that I have such a wonderful husband who sees to my needs. I am sure I will be back posting in the next day or so (heck even in the next few hours!!). I sure am glad this forum is here for all of us. Thanks again, and any other comments and suggestions you have are more than welcome. :-)


Trac - February 14

I had a really really hard time with my daughter 4 years ago. Luckily a friend of mine told me the first 2 weeks was the roughest part so I stayed with it and it got so much better! I had the same problem with baby not latching on properly and so my nipples were so sore. It was very painful so I know what you are going thru. Your milk will come in soon and that will help because your baby won't need to suck as hard. Also, I used my pain meds from the hospital to help with my pain. Of course, I was worriedd about becoming too dependant on them because they are addictive but I had to ease the pain. If you can find a la leche group in your area (or online) you can call someone who can help support you and see you through this. As some of the others said, it DOES get better. Hang in there. And come back if you have any more questions. Good luck! :-)


JL - February 15

Yes, it is SO SO SO HARD the first few weeks of b___stfeeding!!!! I have two kids and it was rough going at first with both. With my daughter, things got easier after a couple of weeks and I sucessfully b___stfed her for a full year. With my son, there was a lot of latch problems, thrush, etc. After 6 weeks of exclusive b___stfeeding and a ton of pain, I took him off the b___st and started pumping. He did much better on the bottle, but my milk supply went down and now he is on formula. I really feel bad that it didn't work out for him the same way it did for my daughter, and I feel some guilt about the whole situation. So if you just had your baby a few days ago, I would encourage you to stick with it for now. Don't throw in the towel on b___stfeeding just yet. You have SO MUCH going on right now, physically and emotionally. You don't want to regret your decision, so try to make it in a few weeks when everything settles down and your mind is more clear. Then, if you are still having issues, you can weigh your options.


Jess - February 15

Well, I just wanted to let all of you know that I am actually seeing signs of improvement in bf my baby. Yesterday went a thousand times better, as did today so far. I actually can see light at the end of the tunnel. I will be sure to keep you all posted. I also can't say enough times how much I really appreciate all the help and words of advice and kindness you have given me. It has really helped.


Ange - February 15

Thats great Jess. Just curious - did you have a baby girl/boy & how did the birth go?


Trac - February 15

Jess, So glad things are going better! I'm sure things will continue to get easier. Just be prepared for a growth spurt (at 3 weeks, 3 months) they want to eat ALL the time. Just feed on demand when they get like this and it makes it so much easier. And don't worry about a "schedule" at this stage, just try to feed when your baby seems hungry. I learned that the second time around, it really made my whole b___stfeeding experience so much better. Sometimes they just want to be warm and close to you and b___stfeeding offers that warmth babies love. Keep us posted on how you are doing!



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