To Kathryn Who Uses Avent Isis

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lisa - November 15

i saw from another post you use and like the avent isis pump, i have one, my daughter is 2 weeks old, ive tried again and again to use the pump but its painfull pulling on nipples or doesnt get out the milk, even when im engorged, do you do light gentle fast pumps or long pulling the handle full in slowley???


alice - November 15

hi, i thought i would give you my oppinion... my daughter is 4 weeks old, i have been using ISIS from day 1, it was painful in the begginning, but now i love it... i rented a hospital pump as well, but i still use the isis more often... your nipples will get used to it, i do lots of fast strokes... the point is to pump a lot, and as often as you can... good luck


lisa - November 16

thanks alot alice i will keep going the if it gets better


Jen - November 16

I also use the pump and I agree it was painful at first. I always start with short gentle pumps then when the milk starts flowing the I go with stronger longer pumps . Just keep trying.


Kathryn - November 18

I didn't start using it until I went back to work. By then I had been b___stfeeding for about eight weeks. I didn't have any pain then. I would think if I had used it at 2 weeks it would have still been painful.


lisa - November 18

i did what you said and it works now


belle - November 19

Hey ladies! Do any of you use the Avent bottles too? I am not sure what to register for. I LOVE that Avent has so many interchangable products, but I hear that the bottles leak. Have you had any problems?


alice - November 19

Belle, I have the avent bottles, and like them a lot. I have used them with other children, and I never had any problems. Good luck.


brenda - November 19

Belle, the bottles dont leak its just that some people dont know that you are suppost to put the top on the bottle to get the air out and that way the nipple creates suction on the bottle, if you are going to shake the bottle if you dont do that then the bottle will leak because there is no suction to block the liquid in. i have been using the bottles and the pump for two months and they were great. hope this helps


mama-beans - November 19

I'd be careful stocking up on any particular bottle before baby gets here! Like many women, I thought Avent bottles were the best! My daughter, however, disagreed. She REFUSED to eat from one. I then tried many other brands/styles and she settled on Playtex bottles, the ones with the disposable liners. The only real difference I could see was that the Avent nipples are a little more firm then the Playtex ones, and she also preferred the brown natural nipples that Playtex offers.. they are soft and kind of textured, so maybe more like the b___st? Just don't spend too much money on any one kind before baby gets here, because what YOU like and what your child will accept aren't necessarily the same thing!


belle - November 19

Thanks everyone!


Kathryn - November 20

I agree with mamma beans. I had tons of avent bottles and my son would have nothing to do with them because he couldn't latch. I ended up buying playtex natural latch and he does wonderful with it. I only have one 6oz. bottle, two nipples and the liners. I could have saved myself about $30 if I hadn't bought all those avent bottles. I do use an avent bottle with a cap so I can shake up formula when I need to.


mama-beans - November 20

Ha ha! That's what I used them for when she weaned herself! and to carry around extra juice/water now that she has a sippy.



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