To Stop Breast Feeding

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momintrouble - May 29

hi my daughter is 1 yr old .I have been exclusively br___t feeding rite from her birth. i have tried to give her bottle milk from past 1 month but she wont take it and I have also tried to give him milk out of a feeding cup and tried many things i had to use even formula in pat 1 week but doesnot ebven have a tea spoon of it and doesnot eat anything apart from milk iam really worried last week we went for checkup she had her vaccine and doctor checked her and the blood level is low i dnt have anyone for support at my home i n husband stay here n all others r very far from my place pls help me out iam worried


micsmms3 - May 30

Do you feed solids too? Seems like you will have to b___stfeed untill you find something that works for you. You should try to eliminate one b___stfeeding session at a time. Maybe increase the ammt of milk you put in the foods to get the needed milk?


momintrouble - May 31

ya i have started soild foods right from 6 month but she does not have anything properly .... tried carrot, mixed grain cereal, potato, all fruits, rice, milk with energey drinks, vitamin milk, milk with almonds n cashews ,gerber foods everything to maximum and does not have more than 1 tea spoon pls suggest me something iam madly in help .............


jenna32 - June 2

milk with energy drinks??


bellybubble - June 12

Hey there - wow that would be pretty worrying. Ok maybe try rice cereal with b___st milk - start with it quite runny and slowly increase the thickness of it? Have you tried sweet potato - always a hit. At 1 she should also be able to handle finger foods - eggy bread is one of my dd's faves. What about yogurt - sorry i am just listing anything i can think of that my dd loves. Rice cakes with avo or cream cheese? Cottage cheese? Pumpkin is also another good one. Can you go and see a specialist or something? I think by 1 your dd should definately be eating solids as well as milk. Sorry i cant be more help - let me know how you go.



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