Treating Pink Eye With Breast Milk

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K - December 8

my son gets chapped lips and i rub b___stmilk on them to clear it up.


Brenda - December 9

I recently read a magazine ar barns and noble, i can't remember the name but it was one of those baby magazines. it had a whole 3 page article about the b___stmilk healing powers. I'll try to look it up and see if i find the name. And i agree with the pink eye thing it works wonders, my aunt used it on everything and got my mom to do the same. Even on small cuts. I'll look for the magazine this weekend.


WOW!!! - December 9

I knew my t_ts were spectacular....but DAMN! Wait till my husband hears this. he'll build a shrine to them. :-)


Jamie - December 22

Um, might want to be a little more specific in your message...cause most of the ladies who posted here support the therapeutic nature of b___stmilk. In other news, does Mothering magazine have a website? I'll have to look into it.


Becky - December 22

I too read an article in Mothering Magazine about the healing powers of b___st milk. I tried the milk on my son's diaper rash, and it worked great. My husband also got hives, and I used some on his chest and back. The hives were gone in that area the very next day.


kate - December 22

Cari- your post was a bit uncalled for, don't you think? maybe you should read the posts - 90% of the women here agreed about the b___stmilk / pinkeye thing.


layney - March 14

i read this post awhile ago and thought, hey, neat! well, two days ago my dd woke up with pink eye. red, crusty eye and gooey all day. i was prepared to take her to the doctor until i remembered this post, so i treated her with b___stmilk first. by the evening, eye #1 was cleared up though eye #2 was still a bit gooey. the next day she got 3 more treatments, and today her eyes are white again, no longer crusty and no longer gooey. seems the pink eye's gone! wow!!! and no antibiotics either! YAY!!! thanks, all.


Kim L - March 14

This information is amazing - THANK YOU! I am due in October and and am excited to nurse, but I had no idea how incredible b___st milk actually is! This has been fun reading.


amandababy - March 19

The b___stmilk also does the same for ear infections!


TonysAngel - August 3

I was so glad to find these posts! I've been treating my 21 month old son with b___st milk and my friends think I'm nuts! My son however, thinks it's a game when Mommy puts 'Milkie' in his eyes. I do have a question...I have terrible aim when expressing milk, so I've been using a cup & an eye dropper. Any advice how many drops, how often, how many days? It's been 3 days now and there is no reddness and no discomfort, but when he is crying or first wakes up there is still a small amount of the green pus... Any advice would be appreciated - Thanks!


RJ22 - August 3

Wow! I had no idea! Thanks for letting me know about this. Next time Abigail has scratches or diaper rash I'll be sure to try this!!!


Jamie - August 4

TonysAngel, I would just use a couple of drops maybe 3-5 times per day...I hope it clears up quickly!


kellens mom - August 16



Lisastar9 - November 28

I ah to use this rememedy on my 5 year old last night for pink eye wanted to share this with you ladies. Something for you to think about.



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