Trouble With Breast Feeding

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NICOLE - February 11

my little one is now 8 days old and we are having trouble getting her to latch on. i have consulted in a lactation consultant, which did not help. so, i have been pumping and supplementing with formula. she is 8 pounds and want to eat NOW and is impatient with BF. she is gaining weight, and doctor says not to worry. does any one have any helpful hint to make this process any easier? i know she is a bigger baby, but BF is just frustrating for both of us, and pumping takes up so much time


DB - February 11

I've been having trouble too, but haven't been pumping or supplementing. My little one (12 days old) latches great at one feeding and then terribly at the next (to the point where I want to cry!!), and she'll also spend 1.5 hours per feeding at everyone keeps saying after a couple more weeks they'll get better. I wish I had more advice for you, but I'm in the same boat with you and just hoping she'll get it soon!!


MelodyB - February 12

I have a few may want to try nipple shields. You can get them at BabiesRUs or online. But, they help babies learn to latch on easier. I know women that swear by them. I had the same issue with my ds and it took a week or so to get him to start latching consistently. My kiddo was a lazy eater and got accustomed to drinking my pumped milk from a bottle (I got worried about him not eating). He figured out that a bottle is less work than nursing. I worked with a doula and she suggested to cup feed him. I would pump my milk and feed it to him using a medicine dropper. The purpose is so that he will grow tired of waiting for his milk and want to latch onto me for instant gratification. And it worked like a charm. I live in Germany on a military post and didn't find out about nipple shields until long after my issues with bf. I would try those first. Lastly, you may want to use hot compresses or a hot shower to help with letdown. That will help baby get milk right away. Hope this helps.


faeyth - February 12

I second the suggestion of nipple shields. Also, stop with the bottles - nipple confusion is real, and it will only make the process harder. OT - melody, where in Germany are you? we're in Heidelberg.


MelodyB - February 13

Any progress yet? I just weaned my son and I am kind of sad about it. Oh faeyth, we're stationed in Baumholder...but not for much longer. My husband just got orders for Fort Sill.


Carah - February 16

The nurses said that he wouldnt bring his tongue out properly, that he was having it latched to the top of his mouth, they found that out by trying to stick his finger in his mouth. After a week in the hospital (baby and i had some problems), this is my 1st, i tryed a b___st sheild and it has helped me! It brings out my nipple, and i can feed him!



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