Uh Oh Green Stools

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anne - September 23

this morning - after two days of extreme fussiness, my daughter pooped out thick, clay-like green stools. never seen this before. its normally beige, grainy, etc. is this bad? anyone know?


KH - September 23

I don't think it's bad - I've read that green is normal with b/f babies....


anne - September 23

she gets formula more than b___stmilk though. i only supplement what i can for her. her poo is seriously green.. like a crayon, thick paste. she cries so much when she needs to poo, its soooo sad.


EM - September 23

My son went through thisat around 2 months old when he was getting about half bm and half formula. So thick you could stucco a house! Very green too - reminded me of army green. He got over it though and doesn't cry anymore when he has to poop - just grunts! He's 4 months now. Poor little dears - all you can do is rub their backs and walk them around till they get it out! Good luck


anne - September 23

thank you sooooo much for posting that EM! other ppl were telling me that it was a virus, etc. made me worried for nothing. will ride this phase out as quietly as possible lol.


marie - September 24

bf babies have yellow/orange seedy poop. not green poop


KH - September 25

It either means that they're getting too much or too little hind milk - sorry I can't remember which, but I'm sure it's one of those....


anne - September 25

i should state the obvious on my part - she is getting my milk and still getting formula - buti changed it from dairy based formula to soy because she seems allergic. in the end, as obvious as it would be to everyone else (lol) i didn't correlate it to the green stools. her stools have not come back the same colour again oddly enough. back to thick seedy stuff. weird how it comes out like that when babies only drink liquids!


Lisa*9 - September 26

As for green stools my son had it the dr said it is just something going though their system normal not to worry it will pa__s.



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