Unfortunatley Forced To Stop Breastfeeding

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sara - January 23

I was recently hospitilized for Inflammatory Bowel Disease for a week and was on a lot of pain medicine and antibiotics that are unsafe for my baby to nurse. She is 8 months old and was an avid br___tfed baby as well as on solids. I went from nursing her several times a day to nothing! There was nothing I could do to control this and weening was out of the picture. I feel horrible for her, my family said she was fine and took the formula and the bottle like a piglet and still is, however, I am unsure of how to care for my br___ts now and make her to feel secure in my love and care for her. She has lost her comfort zone. I have been wearing tightly supportive sports bras, but am in a lot of pain and can see my milk ducts protruding from my skin! Any advice would be welcome.


Danielle - January 24

Usually you have to gradually wean, but since this cannot be the case, I would pump. Basically, use the pump and slowly cut down on the number of times a day. Pump and dump! Good Luck and hope you feel better soon!


Nikki - January 28

Only pump enough to relieve pain and pressure each time you begin to feel uncomfortable and dispose of the milk. This way you will be relieving the pain without maintaining a supply. It will gradually decrease and then stop. I'm so sorry for your discomfort and concern for your baby. I became ill with a flu while b___stfeeding my daughter. Even though the antibiotics I was taking was safe and I still b___stfed, my milk decreased. (It was a very persistent flu, required two rounds of antibiotics and took over four weeks to completely recover from.) I ended up having to supplement with formula, and my supply got lower and lower as my daughter enjoyed her newfound freedom and control with her bottle. I was heartbroken. She was happily weaning and I was a wreck over it. She was ready and I was not. Weaning can happen in many ways for different babies. Some babies adapt better than others. Yours seems to have done well. Try not to feel so bad. I understand how you feel. Good luck.



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