UNpainful Breastfeeding

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skn331 - June 26

Has anyone br___tfed and NOT experienced major nipple problems at the begining? The class I went to said if the latch was right from the begining , then there shouldnt ever be any exessively sore nipples. Is this wishful thinking? I am expecting a baby boy in 11 days and plan to br___tfeed. Could I escape the first month unscathed? or am I doooomed?


amyh - June 26

My daughter "supposedly"latched on correctly from day 1. I was in the hospital 5 days and had probably 4 different nurses check the latch. And, sorry to tell you, but I had SEVERE pain until my daughter was going on her 6th week. I did do a laser treatment on my nipples during the 5th week (using a small laser like pen)...maybe that is why the pain went away, but maybe not. It's worth it, if you ask me. I would ask your doctor if he has ever heard of it. I haven't heard of anyone else doing it, but it is supposed to toughen up the nipples.


lindsay - June 26

hi, this is my second baby and i didn't have , nor have i had as of yet sore niipples due to b___stfeeing. i'm not going to say they aren't a little more sensitive than "normal", but painful... no, not for me!!! so it IS possible! good luck!!!


skn331 - June 27

thanks for the encouraging post Lindsay... did you do anything special or different to ensure your nipples didnt get sore?


Ginny - June 27

I also didn't have major pain issues, thank goodness. This sounds a little gross, but I would rub a little bit of my milk on my nipples after she ate, then let it dry. It REALLY helped. When I went back to work and forgot to do this after I pumped, they got sore. In the beginning, your nipples will be tender, so expect that, at least.


skn331 - June 27

The lactation consultant that taught the cla__s I went to suggested to express some milk and rub it on your nipples after each feed. I will definately remember to do that. I have been doing it with the colostrum I have now as I have been leaking it since 25 weeks or so....so every night before I go to sleep I squeeze a little out and rub it in. I just really want to bf successfully but I more scared of cracked/bleeding nipples than I am of the c-section recovery. Thanks Ginny, for the post!


lindsay - June 27

hi again...i don't do anything special at all, just make sure that i have a good latch and i just let my milk dry on my nipples as well. i've never even needed to use lanolin.sometimes , it hurts only for a second when my dd latches, but that's how i know she is on there good!


luvacuppajoe - June 28

I'm going to remember that about rubbing milk on my nipples. I didn't have successful b___stfeeding with my first, and did okay with the second, except all my pain was in my back, under the shoulder blades of all places. I'm really determined to have success this time and hope to b/f for at least 6 months. I'm collecting all the tips I can -- thanks for that!


cab - June 29

I b___stfed 2 with no pain, and can't remember discomfort either. I would suggest do not let liitle one fall asleep at the b___st, as it may affect the latch and develop a small sore on the b___st. And make sure you feed on one side completely, so you avoid plugged ducts.


skn331 - June 29

Cab: how do you know when one side is empty? Will the baby let go?


Yodergoat - June 29

I can honestly say that I never had any pain a__sociated with nursing my daughter, and she is over 3 months old now and exclusively b___stfed. We co-sleep, so she nurses for long stretches of the night also, and has never been interested in a pacifier... so she gets all her sucking needs from me. Still, no soreness at all. All those tubes of Lansinoh were never needed. Not everyone experiences pain, so don't a__sume that you will. And, definitely, don't let the possibility of it discourage you from b___stfeeding. It is so wonderful to see that milky grin and those eyes smiling up at you after nursing! Best wishes for your coming delivery and the safe arrival of your little boy!


cab - July 1

Consider the first b___st the meal and the second one the desert. On the second one they should not nurse too long. When they are done with the first one just offer the second, they will let you know. Next feeding start with the one they left off with,.


JenR - July 4

The pain was unbearable for 1 week (not 1 month)....I honestly don't think there is anyway around it. Buy the Lansinoh lanolin - it worked wonders. The soothies really helped too. Stay strong and keep at it - the pain will go away even when you think it never will. You may want to give up, the nipple pain was excruciating...I won't lie to you. I was actually not sure I was even going to b___stfeed, but it's actually really easy for me :) Oh yeah....when the baby wants to feed, do not let the baby on until the mouth is really open - even if you feel bad because he/she is crying. You are the mom - you know what's best. They will get the hang of it and you will heal faster.


sahmof3 - July 4

I've had three little b___stfeeders and only a little pain with each the first few times they'd try to nurse- nothing terrible. If your hospital has a La Leche rep. to help you, they are great! My advice would be that if a nurse or anyone tries to "help" you and it doesn't feel right, go with your instincts. One doctor from my pediatrician group (with my first baby) kept trying to get me to do the football hold because I am a bit overweight w/ large b___sts and it was so awkward for me, but she kept insisting. GRRR. My mom had b___stfed and always done the cuddle hold as far as I can remember, so that was the hold I had in mind. It worked so much better for me to do the cuddle hold, but that doctor kept bullying me in the hospital, so I basically just waited until I got home and totally switched to my way. The nice thing about experience is that people take you more seriously later. With #'s 2 & 3, that same doctor was on rotation and insisted on the football hold and I sent her out of the room and told her I'd b___stfed the others with success MY way. But, La Leche was always supportive and helpful about the type of hold I wanted to use and just seemed to have my baby's best interest in mind. So, take advice if it seems right and not if it seems to not be working for you... Hmmm... sorry so lengthy... I'll get off my soapbox... Tammy


Jenn2 - July 5

The honest truth (from my experience) is that it DOES hurt a bit the first few days to a week. Your nipples are sore getting used to it. After the first week.......mine started feeling better and better every day. I am now almost 3 weeks past delivery, and it does not hurt me anymore. I know my baby's latch is fine b/c the nurses in the hospital said it looked like I was doing it right. There might be some people out there who have never experienced any pain whatsoever with bf, but from what I have heard ( others stories) and my own experience......they are a bit sore for the first week......but, I promise it does get better!!


Renee-Marie - July 9

I give my baby two bottles a day (in the evenings) because I'm so groggy when I wake up in the middle of the night. Because of this, I have to re-teach my son how to properly latch. I have to use my thumb to get him to open wide enough. If I Had known this would happen, I would have stopped the bottle useage as soon as he was discharged from the NICU. I tend to have sore nipples on occa__sion and my son is 7 weeks old. I wish that it would go away. Breastfeeding (outside of the soreness) has been a great experience regardless.


skn331 - August 28

I just wanted to say... my son is now 6 weeks old and I have not had any problems with b___stfeeding. No pain (aside from the first week) and I LOVE IT!!!! Thanks ladies, for all your encouragement.



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