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louise - March 2

Hi, ive got 6 weeks to go before i meet my little daughter the thing is i really dont fancy br___tfeeding..i dont even want to give it a shot and i dont want nurses and people thinkin im bad for not wanting...i know br___tfeeding give a better start in life but this just isnt for me im really not up to it at all and i dont want people looking down at me because i have a different opinion to them... do you think im stupid for not giving it ago?


Maleficent - March 2

you never know unless you try. i said the same thing when i had my second baby. my first only nursed a few days before i quit and i swore i'd never try it again. but she came out licking her lips ready to go and we had 16 blissful months of b___stfeeding.


KT - March 3

I felt the same way everyone around me wanted me to b___stfeed. My sister did it for 1 year with each of her children and they are ALWAYS SICK!!! They are 6 and 8 now and like I said always sick! They also didn't sleep through the night until they were around 11 or 12 months old leaving my sister exhausted. It seemed like all my sister did was b___stfeed. I chose not to do it with my children for that exact reason. I formula fed my kids and they are very healthy!!! It is a personal choice. I didn't see the benefits with my sister so I chose not to do it. My family all got to take part in the feeding process. My children are healthy and smart children. I didn't see the problem with formula. Good luck to you in what ever decision you make. It is up to you not everyone else.


michelle - March 3

The thing with formula feeding is that it's fine until there is a problem. Children with birth defects and other health problems do better on b___stmilk. Contrary to KT's experience, the formula-fed children I have encountered had more feeding problems (gas, colic, GERD) and illnesses than the brestmilk-fed children I know. Perhaps her sister's children were in daycare. Kids in daycare get sick more often than children who don't go to daycare or school or have school-age sibs.


KT - March 3

Actually my sister stayed home with her children the entire time they were growing up. My other sister is b___stfeeding her son because he was born premature and she spends most her day b___stfeeding and finds it hard because she has another child. She is right if you have a baby with any problems b___stfeeding is best. I guess I was lucky my son didn't have any colic or gas. Like I said it is a personal decision I have had friends that liked b___stfeeding and have friends that enjoyed formula feeding either way your kids grow up anyway. I am pregnant again and will formula feed unless their is a problem.


Lisa - March 3

When i was in hospital having my 5th baby, i found that MOST of the women had opted to bottle feed their babies, instead of b___stfeed, its seems that b___stfeeding these days seems to be the most convenient for a lot of women, and i think that the formula that is made for babies is of a very high quality and provides all the nutrients a baby needs. I have done both, b___st and bottle fed....it was easier with my first baby as i had the time to sit and feed, but found it a lot more difficult meeting the needs of my other children with a newborn. There is no reason you should feel guilty for not b___stfeeding if it suits you to bottlefeed. It's a personal choice.My youngest child is 11, and i find that i have the time to spend b___stfeeding and bonding with her...i enjoy breasfteeding and spending the time cuddling and nursing bub.


J - March 4

That is the problem I am having I would like to b___stfeed but know how time consuming it can be. My son will be 3 when this new baby is born and he has spent his whole life with only me and I don't want him to feel left out because I am b___stfeeding all day and not spending enough time with him. My husband works long hours and my folks live far away.


michelle - March 4

I fail to see how b___stfeeding takes so much more time than bottlefeeding. I've done both and have to say I thought formula feeding was more time comsuming and a bigger pain in the a__s. A newborn requires a lot of attention no matter how you feed it. At least with b___stfeeding you have a free hand to cuddle another child. I have five kids and I take care of four kids under the age of three every day.


J - March 4

I don't know about you Michelle but I play with my son during the day and we do lots of activities. I had a hard time b___stfeeding and found it very time consuming. Every 2 hours for up to an hour each time. With my son we did both and I thought formula was easier that is my opinion.


michelle - March 4

J, it getter easier with the second one (b___stfeeding). The plumbing is already in place and you will probably have a greater milk supply and flow. With a second baby your first one will get less attention; that's just the way it is. It's tough on the first one and even tougher on you. It can be overwhelming. My first three are teenagers now - 18, 15, 13. The second batch is 2.5 yrs and 11 mos. I watch my friend's 3 yr old and 9 mon old. We have a routine that includes learning activities, music, free play, etc. Every so often I get all four resting at the same time.... ahhh! bliss ;)


Kathy - March 4

I had a friend you felt as you, Louise,but gave it a try and enjoyed it more than she thought, and was sad to give it up. (She had medical problems and was put on strong antibiotic, so had to switch to formula.) Then again, I knew others who after long labor, C-section, or years of fertiltiy, couldn't handle it any longer. It's such a personal choice. I nursed both my first 2 for a year. Weaning to a cup was easier for me than for friends whose kids took bottles. I'm happy with the choice I made, but don't look poorly on those who chose differently. If you're stressed from b___st feeding, that's worse for the baby than getting a bit of formula.



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