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Deb - January 17

I have been bf for 6 months and love doing so. At work, I won a trip to go to the caribbean. It would be for 5 days and I don't want to leave my son and don't want to stop br___tfeeding. My husband is upset with me. The trip is at the end of March, and my son will be 8 1/2 months by then. Should I just forgo the trip? I really don't think I can leave him for 5 days. Am I just being an overprotective mother. All my friends say t just stop br___tfeeding and have fun. What should I do?


Jamie - January 17

You absolutely can't take your baby with you? Pump between now and then to build up a stash for him, and pump while you're gone, to maintain your supply. Can he take formula at all? If so, I would say have whoever's watching him give him 50% formula and 50% b___st milk, to make sure the b___st milk lasts. I'm guessing your friends didn't b___stfeed, or they would understand that it's an emotional thing to give up!


Sarah-Natalees mama - January 17

Oh my, I feel for you! I know that I personally 100% wouldn't be able to do it. We are going on vacation about 2 hrs away from home when Natalee will be 6 months. We rented a house on a lake near lots of springs and other fun places to go so that way Natalee can be with us. Good luck making a decision.


April - January 17

Just me personally - I would say, he's almost a year - I'm hitting the beach!


April - January 18

It would break my heart to leave my 6 month old for 5 days! How could I enjoy myself knowing my baby was at home missing me? Tell your husband that you are a family now! Families take trips together! If he doesn't like it he can always go to the beach by himself!


lena - January 18

just me? i wouldn't go. baby is far more important (and keeping my milk supply up) than a vacation. i just couldn't do it.


Ginny - January 18

Is there any way you could sell the trip and use the money for a trip you could take your son?


AutumnsMommy - January 18

Deb, don't you almost just wish you hadn't won that trip to begin with!? :-) Of course, the decision is completely yours, but personally, I would skip the trip. Breastfeeding is really important to me, and I don't think I could be away from Autumn that long. And, what if you get there, and it sucks? Or it rains the whole time? Then, you'll feel really guilty probably.....I wouldn't listen to the friends who tell you to quit BF'ing--listen to your friends here! Good luck.


Deb - January 19

AutumnsMommy..that is exactly how I feel. I almost wish I hadn't won. A friend says I could still BF..just take my pump along. But with a 7 hour flight and customs checks, it seems to be so much of a ha__sle. I don't mind dtaying home...I love being b___stfeeding my son. We are both attached to each other. I also worry about getting down there and him being upset because I don't come home. He is very attached and sometimes he is upset when I am gone all day at work. He won;t nap and is very fussy, even for his father. But whenI get home, all is right with his world. Thank you all for your advice...the beach would be nice..but my son is the most important thing in my lfe.


AutumnsMommy - January 19

Deb, I'm happy I could be of some help--I really do think you're making the right decision... you're son sounds a lot like my daughter--she gets really fussy if I don't pick her up exactly on time from daycare. It's like she watches the clock or something! But as soon as we get home, she is just the happiest baby in the world! :-) It sounds like you're a really great mom! Take care...


mama-beans - January 19

Why can't you bring your son with you???


Jenn... - January 19

haha...wanna give the trip away? I'll go with my b___stfeeding baby....LOL...j/k Really though, I don't think it would be that difficult to take the baby with you. Babies fly free as long as they are in your lap. Ask for a window seat and nurse him on the plane, you and hubby can take turns holding him. It would be a great family vacation!


krc - January 20

take the trip before he gets to that age where you can't even take out the trash without him screaming after you! If I had someone very close to me AND the baby then I'd go. I read b___stmilk doesn't spoil or lasts a really long time so get to pumpin !!! Ya mon...deh island awaits you! haha


Deb - January 20

It is our whole work group that won the trip..and is an adults only kind of trip. Evryone keep giving me dirty looks when I mentioned bringing my son. They sais to go and enjoy the time with my husband. I was excited because I was going to take my son, then my husband thought it would be best to leave him at home. I just don;t think I can leave him for 5 days, He doesn't nap well for is like he waits for his mommy to get home to get him to sleep. I would have an aweful time if I knew he was so miserable.


AutumnsMommy - January 20

Deb, I'm really sorry to hear that your co-workers and hubbie are being so unsupportive...but, seriously, do what you want. If you want to take your son along, your co-workers are just going to have to deal with it! And if you want to stay home, your hubbie will just have to deal! lol It sounds like you're leaning towards staying at home and I agree that that would be the least upsetting and least stressful way to handle it....good luck deb!


Jenn... - January 20

Oh... well if it were an adult only thing - I would not go. There is no way I am traveling without Blake in the near future... I would rather pay to bring my mom so she could sit for me if I needed some adult time without him.



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