Vaginal Birth Hemorroids

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S - December 29

Hi ladies, I had my baby va___ally on 12/14. prior to that when i was pregnant i had two swollen tissues(hemorroids). And when I was in labor i got 2 or 3 more. Not cool i know. My question is can i use preparation H. I am nursing the baby and my doc is on vacation. between the baby and pains i forgot to ask for refferal doctor. So please help me out here. My doc had to use vacuum and i do have st_tches down there. Please let me know if i could use this ointment it has been such a pain sitting or sleeping. Thanks in advance.


Dawn C - December 29

I dont see why you couldnt use prep h. I had them to and they gave me epifoam in hosp to put on my pad. They also gave me creme. I am 11wk post part and I have no trouble with them now. When I first came home, I took stool softeners but now I am A OK


Ranya - December 29

I had the same problem after I delivered and my doc prescribed preparation H but told me to make sure not to get it on the episiotomy st_tches, which you have to keep very dry...Congrats on your new baby :)


April - December 30

I had a problem with them after I had my guy too. The key to them is to keep everything moving along out of your body. Eat tons of fibre and drink tons of water and they will clear up before you know it!


C - December 30

I did and never thought about it. I a__sumed because it goes on the skin and you don't ingest it that it was fine. I mostly used Tucks which the hospital had provided. Does anyone know why some women get these and others don't? Did I push wrong or would I have gotten them regardless? I don't normally have them. It's bad enough that you push a baby out and then you have to deal with that too.


Lynn - December 30

I had the roids from hell after I delivered... but I pushed like hell too, I think that's why I had them. I used prep-h and some pain relief spray they gave me for the "general" area down there, you can buy the stuff at any drugstore though - its for sc___ps, burns, minor things like that & boy did it feel GOOD! I actually took about 3 weeks for mine to go away - get yourself some good stool softeners too, I took plain old colace from the drug store.


heather - January 1

a question: I feel like my poo is too big to come out, when its not huge, it feels like its full of thorns, but its not i get a bit of blood when i wipe, is this hemeroids, please dont say go to doc cos i wont


lauren - January 1

Heather, i never got hemmoriods, im now 3 weeks post partum and when i go to the washroom after going number 2 i have some blood when i wipe. Im still a little constipated, the doc said this was normal, just caused by the hard stools. This dosn't mean you have hemmoriods, the doc checked me and i have none. You'll know if you have them, they are really itchy, and you can feel them. they are like a tiny sac outside your a__s (TMI)!!! Just drink lots of water and eat lots of fiber. Brest feeding also makes you constipated.


Kathryn - January 2

If you have a boppy, use that to sit on. It takes a lot of pressure off.



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