Very Low Supply

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redsonya - September 28

Ok. Here's the deal. My lo is 41/2 weeks. I am trying so hard to BF. I pump every 2 hours and get less than 1/2 oz out of both br___ts. i've been doing this for a week now. I'm healthy, 36 years old and had no problems getting pregnant. My thyroid is fine. I am on Fenugreek. Last pregnancy I took Fenugreek, Blessed Thistle and Domperidone and still had the exact same problem. i said I wasn't going to put that much into it this time but I can't help it. Why in the h__l do i not have any milk??? I spent over $1000 in lactation fees for my first son and still nothing worked. I'm pumping, on Fenugreek and desperate. Does anybody have a suggestion? I'm sooo jealous when I hear of moms that pump 3,4,5 oz at a time. Today I've pumped 4 times so far and have 2 1/2 oz saved in the fridge. That's so sad I feel like crying. Help....


pootersmum - September 29

redsonya, I can SOOO relate to what youre saying! I had the same problem and just recently stopped pumping after 8+ months of continual battle to keep a supply...albeit small supply (about half of what my son ate). We did the herbs, drugs, frequent pumping, pumping after nursing, tons of water..even a beer here and there. I dont have any definitive answers, but in a search came up with something Id never heard before now. Thyroid problems apparently can cause milk supply issues. So I dont know if that may be at play with you, but it cant hurt to consider it? I wish you the best of luck. There's been a little bit of mourning the loss of b___stfeeding and providing for my baby, but at least we were able to go as long as we did. Keep the faith :)


wailing - September 29

I wasn't getting any milk when I started pumping either then I realized my problem was let down. One day I started reading and got really into this article when I was pumping (totally ignoring the pump) and suddenly milk started flying out. I know that when I'm really stressed or impatiently waiting for the milk it never comes...but when I relax it spews out. Even now, I have a hard time pumping milk out but my bb gets milk when he nurses. Is ur lo getting milk when u feed? Is he gaining weight and has wet diapers?


wailing - September 29

Also, what worked best for me was to pump when lo was on my other b___st. His suckling helped my let down reflex and I was able to get more milk that way. It's a little ackward at first but much easier then pumping alone.



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