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dawnrs75 - January 24

OMG... someone please give me some advice here. My baby is 7 weeks and a healthy 12 pounds. I am going to use today as an example... He woke around noon from a nap, changed his wet diaper, started feeding him. After 20 minutes on right, he burped, spit up, we changed his clothes and I put him on the left because I thought he seemed hungry still, so after 10 minutes, he falls asleep. I try to lay him down, he wakes up fussy immediately. I hold him and pat his butt, etc,, tried his swing, changed his diaper again, NOTHING works except feeding him to settle him down. I am not sure if he is eating because he is hungry at this point or because it is the only thing that soothes him during discomfort, like gas. honestly, it seems he eats, spits up, poops, eats, nods off, cries, eats,... He is never content just swinging, under his 'gym' thing, or anything (occasionally he is content just being held). But this afternoon, from 12:10 until 3:00, this is what went down. I am ready to hang up BF because I am so frustrated... but I want so much to make it work. I know he is getting milk at the br___t, is it possible, that liquid just isn't cutting it? Then I think sometimes that my br___t are like his pacifier, the way he falls asleep, then awakes when I remove him from br___t. It's like he is fighting sleeping already, or maybe he is hungry, I don't know. Once he is asleep, he stays asleep and is finally content.


kellens mom - January 24

Do you have a vibrating chair/bouncy seat? The other thing that helped us was a sling. The sling was comforting to be in...but the best part was that the baby became so used to motion that when she did fall asleep in the sling, it was easy to lay her down and sleep (moving her did not wake her). I think most babies go through a needy period. The need to nurse may also be a__sociated with him trying to increase your milk supply inconjunction with a growth spurt that is coming on. 8 weeks is about time for another jump in development. Just something to think about...hang-in there. It will get better. Keep telling yourself "just one more week and then I will reevaluate". If you keep doing that, you will find yourself eventually moving to easier times. 2.5 months old is when life got much better for us.


Steph - January 24

You may want to try swaddling your baby as well before feeding for a nap. That technique has been a lifesaver on both of my kids! Good luck!!


meg - January 24

My ds was the same way. I think a lot of the time he was just at the b___st to soothe himself. If he would fall asleep at the b___st & wake up 5 minutes later or 2 hours later, it didn't matter, he would be so fussy & only want to be at the b___st. It was incredibly frustrating! That started changing when he was about 8 weeks (he's now 4 1/2 months) & slowly got better. Now it's great & I love b___stfeeding...but it was very hard to stick with it in the beginning, but I am so glad that I did. Sorry that this isn't any advice, but I just wanted to let you know that you are not alone!


nms - January 25

Maybe he's going through growth spurt? If he is, there's nothing much you could do except bf him until he's satisfied. And the more you bf him, the more milk your b___sts will produce. My son was exactly like that when he was about 6-7 weeks. I had to bf him almost every hour, and it was very tiring. But eventually, he stopped doing that and things do get better after that.


kellens mom - January 25

At 7 weeks old, he is old enough to have a pacifier. Does he have one? If not, you may want to get one to try. A paci worked well for us until dd discovered her thumb!


tryingx3 - January 25

have you tried mylicon or anything for gas? My dd had a "switch in her b___t" that turned her on every time I laid her down. It did get better but I think it just came with age! :-) She is 4 mo now. She of course would prefer I still carry her around. We did swaddle until she kicked out of it. I also found a fuzzy warm blanket helped her sleep longer in her bouncy chair.


SuzieQ - January 25

My dd was the same way until about 11 or 12 weeks. Nursing constantly it seemed. She would be content for a few minutes off the b___st, but mostly she wanted to eat and sleep while I was holding her. Thankfully she grew out of it! She's 16 wks now and takes naps alone, eats every 2 hours or so except at night where she eats every 4-5 hours. Good luck!


Mommy_to_be - January 28 your first questions...almost everything I've read says that babies go thru a fussy period from weeks 6 to 8. My daughter went through it (starting right on the 6 week mark, and is just starting to die back down at now almost 10 weeks). To your second ? - My daughter is a lazy eater sometimes too and I do wake her up so she gets a full meal. I'll sit her up to burp her and will sometimes change her between b___sts to wake her up a bit...otherwise she wants to eat every hour and a half!



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