Very Sensitive Nipples Lots Of Pain Pumping

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Pea Pod - January 22

I've always had very sensitive in, instead of enjoying having them touched, it usually bothered me. Nursing hurt too much so I tried pumping which was better. I've been doing it since wednesday 1-17 (my baby's b-day!) and they've gotten increasingly in, I absolutely dread it, find myself unable to turn the pump on in anticipation of the pain, writhing and moaning in discomfort for the first couple of minutes. It is worse for the first couple of minutes, then only slightly improves. The lactation expert I spoke with says that usually after about a week the nipples get used to it and it doesn't hurt so much. Has anyone experienced this degree of pain and stuck with it and found that it actually did get better? I am so ready to give up, it is just that awful, but know that I should really try to stick it out if there is a chance that soon I'll be able to pump without the pain.


eclipse - January 22

What kind of pump are you using? I was using a pump I received from my baby shower, and it distorted and destroyed my nipples. It wasn't until I rented one from the hospital with more settings that I was able to pump comfortably. You shouldn't have that kind of pain, so I'm thinking your pump is either too few settings and too powerful for what you need, or the cone part is not sized correctly for your nipples and areola. Don't give up. I'm very sensitive too and have had good luck with the Medela Lactina Select. I had to rent it from the hospital-totally worth every penny. They have different size cones for it you can get and there are about 7 settings.


eclipse - January 22

Also, the pain does get better. How often are you pumping a day?


Pea Pod - January 22

I'm using a Medela Pump in Style Advanced, so it's a good pump. I'm actually feeling much more hopeful right now. I had been using the higher setting because when I first started it hurt less than the lower setting, so just a bit ago I tried the lowest setting and it didn't hurt nearly as bad! It was totally tolerable. It took twice as long but it was so much better than what I've been dealing with the past couple of days. So, hopefully it will get even better to where I can use the higher setting and not have it take as long. I know I should only have a few more days before my nipples get used to it, but those few days were sounding like an eternity with the pain I was enduring but now it seems much more do-able. Thank you for your encouragement that it will get better.


eclipse - January 22

You can always start lower and slowly move up as you get used to it-that's what I do during a pumping session. That is a good pump. How many settings does it have? Would that be even possible to do without turning it off?


pinkrox87 - January 23

have you checked to see if you have thrush. i was the same, very sore nipples thought it may have been the high setting (which was never a problem before) and it was a little better but still had me dreading every pumping session. i went to the doctors and it was thrush, pretty bad too, but i was given cream and tablets and havent had a problem since.


Pea Pod - January 23

How long did it take for the thrush to clear up? I'm not sure if that is what is going on, I googled it and I have the pain, but none of the cracking. I do have yellowish white spots on the nipple, but when i mentioned them to the lactation specialist they said that was normal. I have become severely engorged since turning down the power on the pump because I can't seem to express enough milk. I was already slightly engorged from my milk coming in, but now it is miserable! I decided to give up this morning because I sit there for 45 minutes pumping and not getting much out...certainly not enough to help with the engorgement. But to turn up the power to express more milk is too painful. At this point, I just don't even know if I want to bother seeing the doctor about thrush. I just want to let it dry up and never deal with this pain again. I've cried so much over this the past couple of days, it has been SO frustrating. I was spending half my day attached to the pump trying to help with the engorgement, not being able to take care of my baby. Now I'm so engorged I can't hold her or burp her. Luckily has two weeks of paternity leave and has been doing practically everything.


HEATHER - January 23

im sorry things didnt work out for you, the pain you describe is the same pain you go threw the first couple weeks when b___stfeeding, if you would have just made it threw the first couple weeks it DOES get better, actually your nipples become numb to any feelings. It is so hard for many to get threw the first few weeks, because noone ever tells you that nursing isnt easy and that it does hurt like hell. I remember cringing and gripping a blanket for the time my dd would nurse cause it hurt so bad, my nipples were so sore and even got to the point of bleeding and cracking, but I still continued threw it, I just wouldnt give up cause I knew it had to get better, and it did with in a couple weeks.


pinkrox87 - January 24

hey my trush took only a few days to clear up but u need to take the full course after symptoms subside to prevent reccurance.


aggie03 - January 24

mine where better at exactly two weeks. But for a while there it felt like someone was slicing them off...I just curled my toes and it got better. I also did saline washes (put a little salt water in a bottle and hold it over nipple) it seemed to help



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