Vitamin Drops For Baby

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jessielouwho - May 17

Is anyone giving their baby vitamin drops? My doctor recommended Poly Vi Sol w/ iron, I've been extra careful giving it to my son because I don't want it to stain his clothes, does anyone know if it will?


Mary - May 17

Hi. My doctor put my baby on Tri Vi Sol b/c I'm b___stfeeding. Are you b___stfeeding as well? Well I have gotten a little on her clothes and I think it has come out. I have learned to use a bib when I give it to her. Luckily I got so many at my baby showers. LOL. She didn't seem to like the taste at first but now I think she likes it.


jessielouwho - May 17

Oh he hated the taste as well, I mixed it with some pedialyte in a syringe to try to mute the taste but he hated it so much he cried. Yes I'm b___stfeeding. I too have several bibs, guess I should get them out. Thanks.


Jamie - May 18

I find it ridiculous that all through my pregnancy, my doctor spouted off about how b___stmilk was everything my baby needed, etc., and then the minute I took my baby to her first pediatric appointment, the SAME doctor tried to prescribe her a vitamin supplement, that formula-fed babies don't have to take. Either b___stmilk is everything a baby needs, or it's not. So if b___stmilk is sooo healthy for babies, why are b___stfed babies given extra vitamin supplements??? I eat a healthy, well-balanced diet that provided everything my little girl needed while she was still exclusively b___stfed. Now that she's on mostly solids, I make sure she eats the same heatlhy, well-balanced diet. Giving vitamin supplements runs the risk of overdosing on the vitamins. NOT a good thing. I would rather wait for a deficiency to occur and treat the actual deficiency than run the risk of poisoning my daughter with an overdose of vitamins. Sorry for my mini-rant in your thread.


Mary - May 18

That does make alot of sense Jamie. I'll talk to my ped next week when I take my DD in for her shots.


Susan W - May 18

I agree 100% with Jamie. They DO NOT need vitamins!! Breastmilk contains everything they need, even if you don't start solids until they are more than a year old. Some doctors think that since b___stmilk is low in iron, the baby will become deficient, but the iron in b___stmilk is soooo available for absorption that the chance is very slim. A baby -- any baby -- gets adequate vitamin D just by going outside, in the car or sitting near a window for just a few minutes a day. I never use them. My ped never prescribed them or even recommended them. . . .BTW, I am not a ped, but I am a doctor.


ry - May 18

Hi, my dd is on poly vi sol with iron. It is disgusting and does stain. At first giving them to her was a NIGHTMARE because she would scream, gag, spit them out and vomit them if she did get them down so i finally gave up and now give them to her in a bottle with a couple of ounces of formula once a day. She has to have her iron because she was anemic when she was born with a very low red blood cell count. Also my ped. said they really just need the vitamin D. I live in Buffalo so we are not really in the sun at least 6 months out of the year and babys arent really supposed to be in the sun anyways so that can cause a deficiency.


Jamie - May 19

No one's talking about taking their babies to the beach and letting them lie out in the sun for hours on end. 15 minutes per week. That's all. You get that without even thinking about it. But, if your baby has a deficiency, treat it. My baby doesn't, and I refuse to give her something she doesn't need.


Susan W - May 19

Just being near a window, even on an overcast day, makes the skin produce enough vitamin D. Fortunately, that vitamin is really hard to overdose :) so if you choose to give them, that's pretty safe.


ry - May 19

geez jamie i was just sharing my situation and what my doctor said-just trying to help. i guess i know what my baby needs and prefer to make sure she gets it and NOT wait for a deficiency.


J - May 22

I only considered vitamin D as I live in a northern climate and she was born in the fall. She did not get any from the sun at this lat_tude. We waited until she was 2 months to start and we stopped recently when the seasons changed. I agree less is likely best. If you're worried or in doubt of any minerals or vitamins you can have a blood test.



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