Wake Baby To Eat At Night

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jessielouwho - March 23

My son is 10 days old and sometimes sleeps 4-6hrs during the night. La Leche League says you should wake your newborn to eat but I'm torn. I don't know if I should wake him or just let him sleep. Anyone else experiencing this? If so, do you wake your baby to eat at night? Thanks.


Gigi19 - March 23

I personally was told by mother (who knows a lot about this stuff) never to wake a baby. They usually know when they are hungry and will wake up on there own. If your baby is sleeping 4-6 hours at night, it sounds like he is an angel. Why ruin it. I would let him sleep and when he wakes give him the bottle.


Happy Mom - March 23

I would wake your son. LLL are the experts, if they tell you something there is a good reason for it.


Heidi - March 23

My midwife said to let them sleep. 4-6 hours isn't that long but you'll want to nurse right away when he wakes. She said they'll let you know when they're hungry! It's a personal choice. I personally let Emma sleep and never had a problem.


Happy Mom - March 24



jessielouwho - March 25

Thanks for the feedback everyone. Any mommys out there that didn't wake baby to feed and baby still gained well and was getting enough to eat? He'll return to Ped on Wednesday so I'll see how he's doing.


Jamie - March 25

I have never woken my daughter to eat. She started sleeping through the night at 3 weeks, and I have enjoyed every minute of it. At her last well-baby check, the doctor commented that he had never seen a growth curve as perfect as hers - he said that they usually have peaks and valleys, but Serenity has been exactly on the 50th percentile in height and weight since her 2 week check up. But, the thing is - that's my daughter, not your son. You're the mommy; if you think he's not eating enough, wake him up. If you think he's doing just fine, let him sleep. You're the one who knows your son the best. Some babies are 'happy to starve' while other babies announce to the world that they'd like a snack now, thanks. My daughter is an announcer, but your son may not be. The worst thing that'll happen if you wake him is, you get a cranky baby who doesn't sleep well. The worst thing that'll happen if you let him sleep his 6 hour stretch is, he'll wake up hungry. (As long as he's eating well when he's awake!) So...I guess my point is, just trust your gut instinct.


C - March 25

They say 3-4 hours is the most you should let them sleep but I think that's only until they regain their birth weight. If he isn't gaining, then I would wake him. Otherwise count your blessings because most 10 day olds do not sleep that long!


EM - March 27

ENJOY THE REST!!! Let the baby sleep...that's as important for their growth as eating...sorry Happy Mom but LLL is BIASED!!! They do NOT base a lot of their advice on credible research and I find that they are best at making women feel inadequate and guilty. Jessie, my son grew REALLY fast and started sleeping through the night on b___stmilk at 2 months old. At that young they are going to the pediatrician a lot and they will DEFINITELY let you know if baby isn't thriving.


Ginny - March 27

LET HIM SLEEP!!! He will eat more often during the day to make up for it, and you should count your blessings. My baby began doing the same thing at 2 weeks old, now at 7 weeks old, she's already wearing 3-6 mo clothes - so she's obviously gaining weight just fine. Trust yourself, and if he can sleep and gain weight during the day, just enjoy it.


HH - March 27

Congratulations to all moms who have gotten their little angels to sleep nicely throughout the night. Question, how did you ladies do that? Any tricks or advices on how to get that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


ryanslilmama - March 29

Per my ped if your baby is 10 pounds or more he no longer needs that night feeding for nutritional reasons- its only out of habit and for comfort at that point. However, small babies, premies, etc have special needs- premies must be awakened for their feedings. Check with your son's ped for his opinion. If it was me- I would probably let him sleep if he was a good sized baby and seems to be growing and gaining weight well.


marranie - March 29

My mothers only words of advise re babies was Let Sleeping Babies Lie... never wake up a baby to feed unless of course there is some medical indication and the baby has a health problem/poor weight gains. Both my babies were in the top percentile for weight gain and fed lots during day but the girl slept from 9 pm to 8 or 9 am virtually from birth (screamed a lot of the day to make up for it) and the boy also slept lots of 10 hour stretches (he was a big baby) with only the odd wake up during the night. My b___sts were just about to explode in the mornings. :-)



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