Want To Breastfeed Dont Know Where To Start

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HannahBaby - June 13

Hey everyone. I really want to br___tfeed my baby (im 22 weeks pregnant) I have slightly flat nipples and dont know where to start. I was wondering if there are any good books or websites anyone could recommend, or just some general advice. Thanks


JJ5235 - June 13

Kellymom.com or the leleche website


olivia - June 13

I think the Womanly Guide to Breastfeeding is good. I got an excerpt booklet from the hospital and it was very helpful. I imagine the entire book is good too! Kellymom.com is good, lalecheleague.org. Flat nipples are only a problem sometime, so don't rule out b___stfeeding because of them. I have inverted nipples and did not have to use any aids to b___stfeed, other women use shields successfully. It is a good choice to b___stfeed, and once you get past the first few weeks, it is much easier than bottles! If your hospital has a b___stfeeding course you can take beforehand I recommend that. It is often taught by a lactation nurse who will give you her number to keep in touch with questions.


HannahBaby - June 13

Olivia, if you dont mind me asking, how did you b___stfeed with inverted nipples with no contraptions?


olivia - June 13

My baby actually sucked them out. They invert naturally, but I can pull them out (temporarily). Well apparently that is enough, she drew them out without a problem (and now they are sometimes out, sometimes in.) I used to be so embarra__sed they inverted it almost scared me off from trying to b___stfeed.


olivia - June 13

I was just looking it up, it seems I do not have "truly" inverted nipples since they have the ablility to become erect. I guess when they invert I can just rea__sure myself... "they are not truly inverted..." Anyway, just thought I'd share. More than I have ever revealed about my nipples to anyone but my husband!


HannahBaby - June 14

Haha thanks olivia, i wanted to b___st feed my first baby and the nurses at the hospital were real a__ses, they were like this is impossible blah blah blah, and yesterday i went to visit my girl friend who had a baby 2 weeks ago and she started nursing and her nipples are just like mine and had no problems. I was 19 when i had my baby and the nurses were just nasty to me. I really want to brestfeed this time, but dont want to deal with the nasty nurses, but also dont know where to start learning about latching baby on, positions and all that. Were your nurses good to you in the hospital?


olivia - June 14

Some of my nurses were good, others were not. I had a horrible experience with some student nurses who were a__signed to maternity for 3 days. I didn't end up feeding her for well over 24 hours after she was born (they told me she wasn't hungry, I had a c-section and figured that had something to do with it). Once I did get to try to feed her she latched right on, the nurse was there to help out a bit. A lactation consultant came in and she was the biggest help. She checked in again the next day and then called me about a week after I went home. Coincidentally, the day I was ready to quit. If you can find just one good nurse to help you along it will make all the difference! It is not impossible. You might have trouble with your baby at home reacting, but some of the websites mentioned have more information on how to cope with that. Also, though reading was very helpful to me, there is a lot of contradictory stuff out there and I really ended up getting fed up with a lot I read. So don't get overwhelmed with information, just take what you need from it and file the rest.


HannahBaby - June 14

im so confused about b___stfeeding maybe we can email and you can help me :o)


Aimes - June 14

I've heard a lot about supplementing with formula. How does that work--half and half in the same bottle, or some 100% b___stmilk, but then some pure formula bottles. This is all SO confusing. Both my mom and sister bottle fed, so I don't have a clue what to do. I'd like to try it, but it's very intimidating!


olivia - June 14

sure, my name is elizabeth and you can reach me at talkingbaby (at) mac.com (replace at with @ so I don't get spam). I can try to help with your questions.


Aimes - June 15

HannahBaby- I feel the same way about BF--clueless. My SIL gave me a book, The Baby Whisperer by an English author (I think), and it have excellent, not biased information....both for and agains BF and formula. She has charts you can follow on how to pump and BF, and how to BF in combination with formula. I read through it last night, and though it's a lot of information and somewhat overwhelming, I feel so much better about at least trying it--even if it's for a month or two. You can probably find it on Amazon.com...worth a try


HannahBaby - June 15



kimmiec - June 15

Bf is difficult, fustrating and exhausting at first. You just have to stick with it. It is such a wonderful joy that only you and your baby get to share. I don't think any book I read, or any cla__s I went to really helped. Just remember the more you do it the easier it gets- I promise. Good Luck!


Susan W - June 18

Sorry I'm late to the discussion. Had a crisis with one of my horses this past week and have been out of town with the horse at a specialist! . . .Anyway, I didn't really prepare like I should have before my first for nursing. I wasn't sure I wanted to, but then I decided I would try it and I'm sure glad I did. I wish I had attended a La Leche League meeting BEFORE the baby came!! That would be my first recommendation -- go to a meeting NOW. Even if you don't want to parent the LLL way (which I found fit my style better than the books) you can still get great nursing advice and a__sistance. There are many good books out there on nursing too. The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding is great. There's also lots of stuff on the internet. I would try to look at pro-nursing stuff, as some of the other sites are rather negative and might scare you off of even trying. It's not easy - -far from it, and I thought every day about quitting for the first few weeks -- but it has been the best part of being a mom for me!!



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