Want To Breastfeed SOOO Badly

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Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - October 30

I want to br___tfeed my daughter so bad, but she don't latch on good and she hurts me. My supply is EXTREMELY low since I haven't pumped/br___tfeed for at least 3 weeks, I hand express every once in a while but I don't have the patience to pump with my stupid hand pump, DH don't want to get a hospital grade pump because he says it costs to much, but 45 dollars a month is way cheaper then the 120 we spend on formula. If I can get my supply up and good I want to go to a LC everyday til my daughter gets the hang of br___tfeeding. I hate feeding her bottles because I want so badly to nurse. I just wish I could get my DH to let me rent a manual pump. He says my hand pump is fine, but it seriously isn't, it sucks and it is mainly used when I need to pump for a slight occasion, not for exclusively pumping. If I keep up with hand expressing or pumping every 2 hours, can I get my supply back up to where I don't need to formula feed anymore? Is there any hope? I have a prescription for Reglan but my DH won't let me take it because the side effects. So can I up my supply (which is about an ounce within a 7 day period) by doing it every 2 hours instead of once a day? I can do this right?


JessC531 - October 30

I'm not sure what will happen now that you've stopped altogether... but I would say keep pumping! I pumped exclusively (nipple infection) for over a week with a manual pump. It isn't fun, but it's definitely possible. Have you tried a nipple shield? Then you should be able to b___stfeed her even with her latch issues...


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - October 30

Well her latch is so bad, even with the nipple sheild she made me gush blood...enough blood to soak a wipe...it was then that I haven't been nursing. I really feel like she just won't catch on at all


tish212 - October 30

not to jump on ur post but did u get my post where I explained I wasn't directing that post at u? sorry if u felt I was...when they erase posts it confuses everything.... u might be able to get a used elctric pump I found one...for about 100$ which is better than the monthy cost of renting...u should be able to get ur supply back as lon as u don't let it disappear completely... gl


angelinakai - October 30

I had the proble where it hurt way too bad to nurse, so I got a nipple sheild. You can get them at Target. I use that whenever I bf and it helps soooo much. Also, you can buy a nice b___st pump for what you're spending on formula. if you convinced you DH that you will save so much money on formula and you can use the pump for your other future children... if you plan to have any... that may help. I can't bf without the nipple shield, but it doesnt hurt at all with it. i hope this helps :)


DB - October 30

It sounds like your dh is being insensitive to you and your babies needs! Explain the benefits clearly to him!!! Try to keep pumping so you don't lose your supply!!! Then either rent or buy an electric pump and it'll save you TONS, I promise you that! Good luck!


Malica - October 31

The electric pump I rented from the hospital was pretty good. As they pointed out if you're planning on pumping every 2 hours, doing one b___st at a time takes up a lot of time. You should speak to a lactation consultant or someone from LaLeche about your options and training your LO to latch properly -- something that isn't always easy to correct. Why is your hubby calling all the shots here? If it's just a matter of money, renting a really good pump for a month to get your milk re-established will really pay off in the long run in the amount of money saved in months to come.



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