Weaning Off The Breast Please Help

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LILMAMA - January 20

Can somebody tell me what I should do to help my br___t from hurting from engorgement? I've been br___tfeeding for a month and I am switching over to formula. How much should i pump out if I should pump at all. Please let me know what I can do. ALSO... should I feel half br___tmilk and half formula or would that give my baby diarrhea????


LILMAMA - January 20

oops i mean give half and half*


malini - January 21

When I weaned my baby, someone suggested putting cabbage leaves on your b___sts. You can just slip them into your bra and leave them there for 10 minutes or so. One leaf per b___st. No kidding. It works! It will slow down your milk supply so don't do it too much or your milk will dry up before you are ready to stop completely. It really helps if you get a plugged milk duct--ouch. Half b___st milk and half formula shouldnt give her diarrhea.


^lucy^ - January 28

cabbage works great is what i heard as well.. it will be soaking with milk after few minutes...this might be odd, but try not to wear a bra while ur at home. pressure on your b___st will still keep the milk flowing.. u might leak like crazy at first but this will help.. i haven't weaned my first baby yet (she's 8 1/2 months old) but im planning to do those tricks and see if they work.. oh and try to have a warm shower.. this helps a lot as well


Tammy276 - January 28

You may need to mix at first if you are switching to formula as b___stmilk is a lot sweeter than formula and your baby may not take just plain formula right away...I mixed with my son when I was weaning him and it worked great. You may notice a difference in their stools appearance, but they should not get diarrhea from it. Also, if you are wanting to dry up, stop pumping when your baby is on full formula. If you keep pumping, no matter how little it may be, your body is going to keep producing because it thinks that it still needs to produce for baby.....Your b___sts are going to hurt from engorgement when you are weaning and there really is no way around it....you can use hot compresses or take a warm shower and that will help to express the least amount of milk possible and will help with the pain..you can also use ice packs for pain or you can talk to your doctor. There is a pill out there that can be used for drying up.



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