Weaning Or Not

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wailing - December 16

HI all. Ds is 6 months now and I'm thinking it is time to wean. He was b'fed exclusively up until about a month ago when I started to supplement w/ formula few X's a week b/c I returned to work (can't pump there). Anyway, just needing some advice about weaning. How to do it, how long to go for, etc. Also, I really wouldn't mind keeping a few feeding sessions(morning and nite). Is that possible if I'm supplementing w/ formula inbetween and not pumping? (I hate pumping and really don't get much now anyway) I've read alot of women on here keep the nite feedings for a while. Really, the guilt of quitting b'feeding is awful, and I'll be sad to stop as well:( Any advice would be great:)


lily10 - December 16

I am in the same exact situation and I am feeling soooooo guilty and not to mention really sad. My dd will be 6 months on 1/4/08 so I will continue till then but I too am having problems keeping up the pumping pace while at work. I think that we could keep up the night feedings or early morning feedings but it would more be for LO's comfort versus a full feeding???. Hopefully someone will chime in who has been successful with just nursing at night or in the mornings. Good luck.


excited2bemama - December 18

check out the LLL forums.. they have one specifically for weaning. The woman are great on those forums. I am so dreading it.. I don't want to for a bit yet... but its gotta to be hard. :o(


wailing - December 20

LILY 10--I forgot I had a book by LLL (mommy brain haha), so I'm going to read up on weaning tonite and I will let u know. (thx for reminding me Excited!). It really is hard to begin weaning. I actually fed my lo a bottle for the 1st time this afternoon and I thought I was going to cry. But, honestly, I also liked the freedom of being able to give him a bottle while we were at the mall. He ate some, then we gave him the rest later. It was nice that I wasn't totally involved. Although everytime I smell formula it makes me gag. It has SUCH A STRONG ODOR!!!!! So metallic. Eh!



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