Weaning Woes

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alverran - October 6

Hi Girls My gosh, this has been a ROUGH road for my dd and I. I am deploying next month (around the 19th) and we are STILL not weaned yet. She is clawing, sobbing, I just don't know what to do. I am currently down to THREE feedings/day, hoping to get down to two next week. My question is how do you do it without making it such a huge deal for your lo? How did you stop the night time feeding? My dh has been having a heck of a time. She does not take the pacifier, she doesn't suck her thumb... Bottle has been out the window for a while... She has been so cranky now the weaning has begun... She is 14 months old. Help!!!!!


DB - October 6

My gosh, I'm not sure what to tell you! But, I would definitely try to get her off the b___b asap so she isn't "shocked" when you leave (which btw, you are strong to be able to do that)...I am currently weaning my 8 month old...but she LOVES bottles, so I guess it's easy for us...my supply is sooo low she got mad about it..anyways, I stopped night feedings at 6 months because I didn't want to make it a habit..maybe if she wakes just cuddle her. I'm sure kellymom.com and LLL may have some helpful info. GOOD LUCK TO YOU!!!


spamanda - October 6

Sorry I don't have any good advice for you... we were down to one nursing a day by one year, and DS basically weaned himself. I just started offering him bottles and sippy cups instead of nursing him, and he didn't seem to mind at all. He does suck his thumb, though, and he has a blanket he likes. I've also noticed that he really likes the cuddle time, ie we sit down together and i hold him and he drinks his milk before he goes to bed. I think at the end alll he really wanted was some time to cuddle. Have you talked to a lactaction consultant? They might have some good ideas. I'm sorry you have to deply next month, will it be an 18 mo. stint? I'm sure you're stressed over that, and this isn't helping at all.... Good luck! Sorry I don't have any better advice. ~spam


alverran - October 7

Yes... DH got up with her last night (twice) and she did okay... We do not have a LLL here, but a lactation consultant, she told me to just let her cry!!!! I just can't do it. Today was a new day, we went to the beach to play and instead of wanting to nurse, she pointed at her sippy cup. Wish me luck. My deployment is 5 months (luckily) I am hoping this will be the last. TY


Kristin72 - October 8

Offer a sippy cup or sips from a regular cup of water only. Cuddle her closely and give her the cup or sippy cup (however she normally drinks liquid. If your lo wakens at night offer only the water as well. Soon the lo will ge the picture..and usually not without a fight but it will work. I have a 10 month old and because of necessary toxic medication I had to wean abruptly. She has only every had the b___b..no bottles. However she would take the pacifier. But the water think worked. Good luck.



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