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Q - January 7

Has anyone out there br___tfed and not lost weight doing so, or is it a for sure way to loose weight after pregnancy?


Maureen - January 7

Certain woman loose weight I think, but as for me, I just stayed the same. Other woman have told me the same. They lost the rest of their weight after stopping to b___stfeed.


Sharon - January 8

I didn't loose weight b___st feeding. And it came off slowly after stopping b___stfeeding.


Laura - January 12

Personally the weight came off very fast while I was b___stfeeding the first time, and the same thing seems to be happening this time. I'm not b___stfeeding exclusively, but I'm not exercising either. My son is only 2 weeks old and already I've lost 15 lbs since I came home from the hospital so it must be the b___stfeeding. Maybe it's harder for some women's bodies to produce the milk than others.


geraldine - August 29

not loosing weight at all


anne - August 29

i am not losing anything. i am at a stuck weight and getting very frustrated. i lost 15 lbs as well in the 2 weeks back from the hospital, but only come to find it was all the excessive water weight gain from the epirdural and pitocin. both are anti-duiretics, so they just keep any water on you instead of you peeing it all out. and with the IV they gave me (water) i was bloated badly. my afterbirth pics with the baby are so bad i couldn't send them out to ANYONE.


EM - August 29

If your not loosing weight you may not be eating enough. I didn't start to loose weight till i started weight watchers and on the b___stfeeding plan they add 10 points and I had to force myself to eat all I was supposed to - now its flying off. Your body goes into starvation mode and hangs on to what it has if you don't eat enough.


Jenn... - August 29

The first few weeks the baby is really not eating much. Once my son was about 2 months and eating a lot I really started noticing the weight coming off again. I am sure that as he gets older and drinks more and more I will lose even more weight. Plus as baby gets older the fat content of milk increases so b___stfeeding will use the fat stores. So the weight you lose in the very beginning is not from b___stfeeding.


Jamie - August 30

My daughter is 3 weeks; I've exclusively b___stfed her, and have lost 40 pounds...only 20 left.


EM - August 30

Jaime - congrats on the weight loss but it's likely to be mostly baby, water and swelling pounds you lost. I dropped 35 pounds after the first week I was home. Don't expect the rest to fly off like the first 40.



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