Weight Loss And Breast Feeding

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Cheryl - November 14

I'm just over 20 weeks pregnant and I'm going to be br___tfeeding my baby when he/she arrives. I was just wondering if the rumors are true about br___tfeeding and weight loss. Have you ladies lost any weight br___tfeeding? Is anyone weight less pre-pregnancy then they do now that you are br___tfeeding? Thanks for the input!


Kathryn - November 14

I have lost weight but not nearly what I thought I would with b___stfeeding. I still have about six pounds to go and my son is almost six months old. So for me, It's a no.


April - November 15

My guy is 4 months old and I have about 8lbs to go to my pre pregnancy weight. I expect by the time he is 9 months I'll be there. Breastfeeding does get rid of the extra fat if the 400-500 extra calories you eat are healthy. But you can't expect the baby to nurse it all away. I don't mind the extra pounds, what bothers me is how my stomach muscles have gotten so mushy. This is my second child and with my first it wasn't as bad. I've been trying to get back into my exercise tapes, (Kathy Smith makes great ones) but it's hard to find the time right now. I am not worried about it though. I'll get there and you can too.


miranda - November 15

It depends. Some women can't for the life of them keep weight on while they are b___stfeeding. Others of us aren't so fortunate and our bodies go into store fat mode for the duration. But as soon as you're done nursing your body will return to normal.


C - November 15

I lost a lot right away but now my son is 6 months and I have 10 pounds to go. I gained a lot too so I was pleased with the amount that came off without even really trying.


Kim - November 15

Breastfeeding should burn around 500+ calories daily, but you will also need to eat more so that your body has the energy to produce milk. I had my baby about 2 1/2 weeks ago and have about 10 pounds or so more to lose (I gained 29). I truly believe that with a healthy diet and exercise (once you are able to resume) you can lose weight b___stfeeding. That goes for most people I know. They weigh even less now than they did when they got pregnant. Of course the best reason to b___stfeed is that it's so good for your baby but the weight loss is a nice fringe benefit. I have not been eating as healthy as I could be, mainly because it's been so hectic these first few weeks but I think that once I am able to get out and do more and eat like I did pre-pregnancy, those last 10 pounds will dissipate sooner rather than later. Fingers crossed....



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