Weight Loss While Nursing

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mychubbyhubby - September 26

Hello all, I am br___tfeeding my 7week old and need to lose about 15-20 pounds, does anyone have any advise how to lose weight safely while nursing? Please and thank you


hthab - September 26

I don't suggest doing anything differently in your diet to try to lose weight. I went for long walks when ds was under 4 months. Eventually the weight all came off on it's own, though I'm still one size bigger (ds is almost 9 months). I'm waiting until ds is weaned before I do anything drastic to get back to my old size. I gained 38 lbs during pregnancy.


DB - September 26

Weight watchers has a points program for nursing mothers... I had 30 more lbs to lose (I packed on 60 lbs!!) and the scale didn't budge for a while after I had initially dropped a ton of weight...I did the WW Points for like4-5 weeks..I dropped 10 pounds, then the rest just came off from bf...no more dieting after that at all...I agree with hthab...walking is fantastic..even simple 30 minute walks will do wonders for your body.


slackette - September 27

I have lost all my pregnancy weight (36lbs) plus another 8lb and I am almost 7 weeks PP. I have been walking alot and eating healthier and a more natural diet. I have done weight watchers before (before I was pregnant) and found that to work really well. I would say as long as you exercise and make better food choices the weight will come off. But I have heard that nursing mothers will have a hard time losing that "last 5 or 10", and might keep a little extra padding on their abdomen, so just a heads up!


DB - September 27

slackette-that is funny you said that...I do have a little extra padding on my tummy...that is the only place I feel like I can't lose it from...maybe when I'm totally done bf!


Kristin72 - September 27

walking,walking, and more walking. Eat well..drink lots of water. And remember it takes time. You still need your rest though..so take time for yourself to heal. I am convinced our bodies hold onto a little bit of weight because of bf'ing but that's just me...and just recently i have lost 5 lbs. I am lighter than b4 I fell pregnant but I was up 10lbs from a precious pregnancy loss. Best of luck


hthab - September 27

My MIL said that she thinks some women tend to hang on to a bit of fat while BFing, and she had 5 kids. I'm hoping that's part of the reason for my "pooch" too!


bcaoyagi - September 28

I did weight watcers while I was nursing and lost 48 lbs in 6 months.


wailing - September 29

You want to be really careful losing weight while nursing. If u do it too fast or the wrong way it can screw up ur milk supply. You still need alot of caloried when nursing. I walk tons and eat extra healthy since I am still eating alot. I try mostly to cut out fats and sugar. Drink lots of water to help:)



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