Weird Pumping Question

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Heidi - January 17

Okay I'm back at work and pumping. I pumped some during my maternity leave and never really noticed till now but when you're pumping, is the milk supposed to come out of all the holes in your nipple? I know this sounds dumb!!! But I always watch to see what's coming out and sometimes it only comes out in one or two spots and sometimes it comes out in four streams. If I massage my br___t while pumping it'll sometimes come out of all the holes but not always. Are my br___ts blocked or something? They don't hurt or anything like that. Just curious what everyone else's does!!! Towards the end of pumping it'll only come out in one stream.


AutumnsMommy - January 17

Yes, Heidi...this happens to too! Sometimes it comes out in 4 streams and sometimes just one...I never really thought about it either until I went back to work... lol!


Heidi - January 17

Yeah and the funny part is all the b___stfeeding topics in my books and stuff the hospital sent home with me doesn't say ANYTHING about it coming out in streams! It makes me wonder if something is blocked. If I ma__sage them while pumping it'll come out and then quit as soon as I stop ma__saging them. Makes pumping a lot slower when it only comes out in two streams. Maybe I'll search on line for more info.


KFish - January 17

you might not be relaxed enough for full let down. When i was pumping at work, I would close my eyes and take deep breaths to relax myself. Sometimes I brought my walkman or portable cd player to play soothing music in order to relax enough to get a full let down. You may want to try this.


Heidi - January 17

It happens at home too though when I'm totally relexed. I guess I've noticed it a long time but never put much thought into it until I started pumping at work and realized it was taking a long time cus it was only coming out of one hole!


KrYstaL - January 17

sometimes i can get about 7 or 8 going.


Mia - January 18

When my letdowns were coming on strong, I'd have multiple streams. But when they weakened or I just couldn't get a complete letdown, I'd have one or two pitiful little streams...those were the frustrating days. :(


mom42 - January 20

totally normal. That happens to me, too.



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